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Simone Signoret

1921 - 1985

The actress Simone Signoret was born as Simone Kaminker in Wiesbaden, Germany. She was one of the busiest character actresses of her time. Since the 40's she appeared regularly in movies like „Boléro“  (42), „Fantômas“ (47) and „Swiss Tour“ (49).
During World War II she had to flee to London with her Jewish family.

The 50's marked a big step in her career and she became one of the most important actresses. Already with „La ronde - Der Reigen“ (50) she had a big success, after that followed „Casque d'or - Goldhelm“ (51), „Thérèse Raquin“ (53) and „Les diaboliques - Die Teuflischen“ (55), which paved the way for the international film business.

Simone Signoret took part in Luis Bunuel's „La mort en ce jardin - Der Tod in diesem Garten“ (56) and Jack Clayton's „Room at the Top - Der Weg nach oben“ (59), for which she was unexpected awarded with an Oscar for the best support actress. She got an other Oscar nomination for „Ship of Fools - Das Narrenschiff“ (65), beside it she also appeared in movies like „Barabbas“ (62) and „Paris brûle-t-il? - Brennt Paris?“ (66).

The older Simone Signoret became the more intensive became her play. She matured like a good wine and she couldn't complain about a lack of work in the 70's.

Her performances never looked affected but she impersonated simple characters who conquered the heart of the public. „Le chat - Die Katze“ (71), „Les Granges brulées“ (73) or „La vie devant soi“ (77) offered her rewarding roles.

In private she was first married with director Yves Allégret, from 1951 with the actor Yves Montand. They represented a political power camp of the French communists till they retired from the Left together. During the shooting of Montand's „Let‘s Make Love“ with Marilyn Monroe in 1960 he had an affair with Monroe which was thoroughly exploited by the newspapers. In spite of former escapades Simone Signoret never forgave him this scandal.

Other movies with Simone Signoret: 
Le prince charmant (42) Les visiteurs du soir (42) Le voyageur de la Toussaint (43) Adieu Léonard (43) L'ange de la nuit (44) Béatrice devant le désir (44) Service de nuit (44) Le mort ne reçoit plus (44) La boîte aux rêves (45) Les démons de l'aube (46) Le couple idéal (46) Macadam (46) Against the Wind (48) Dédée d'Anvers (48) Impasse des deux anges (48) Manèges (49) Le traqué (50) Gunman in the Streets (50) Sans laisser d'adresse (51) Ombre et lumière (51) Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (55) Un matin comme les autres (56) Die Windrose (57) Les sorcières de Salem - Die Hexen von Salem (57) Les mauvais coups (60) Serie "General Electric Theater: Don't You Remember?" (60) Adua e le compagne (60) Amours célèbres (61) Term of Trial (62) Il giorno piu corto (62) Le jour et l'heure (63) Dragèes au poivre (63) Compartiment tueurs (65) The Deadly Affair (66) Serie "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: A Small Rebellion" (66) A Small Rebellion (66) Games (67) Mr. Freedom (69) L'armée des ombres (69) L'américain (69) L'aveu (70) Un otage (70) Comptes à rebours (71) La veuve Couderc (71) Rude journée pour la reine (73) La chair de l'orchidée (75) Police Python 357 (76) Serie "Madame le juge" (77) Judith Therpauve (78) L'adolescente (79) Chère inconnue (80) L'étoile du Nord (82) Guy de Maupassant (82) Thérèse Humbert (83) Music Hall (85)