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Simone Simon

1910 - 2005

The actress Simone Simon conquered at the beginning of the 30's the French cinema and filled the public with enthusiasm with her performances in "Mam'zelle Nitouche" (31), "Le chanteur inconnu" (31), "Un fils d'Amérique" (32), "Pour vivre heureux" (32), "L'étoile de Valencia" (33), "Le voleur" (34) and "Les yeux noirs" (35).

She was engaged to the USA by Darryl F. Zanuck in 1936 but the following roles left much to be desired concerning the quality. Simone Simon took part in movies like "Ladies in Love" (36), "Seventh Heaven" (37) and "Josette" (38) before she returned to France. There she was able to appear in more demanding movies like "La bête humaine" (38) and "Cavalcade d'amour" (40).

When the war got more and more dangerous dimensions she went back to the USA and was able to start with greater success.
First she played in "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (41), after that followed Jacques Tourneur's classic "Cat People" (42) - which became Simone Simons best-known movie after "La bête humaine".
Till the end of war followed other movies like "Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More" (44), "Mademoiselle Fifi" (44) and "The Curse of the Cat People" (44).

After the war she returned again to France and took part in well-known productions of the 50's, among them "La ronde" (50) and "Le plaisir: Le modèle" (52).

She retired from the film business in 1956, only 1973 she had a brief comeback with the movie "La femme en bleu" (73).

Other movies with Simone Simon: 
On opère sans douleur (31) Durand contre Durand (31) Le roi des palaces (32) Prenez garde à la peinture (32) PLa petite chocolatière (32) Tire au flanc (33) Lac aux dames (34) Les beaux jours (35) Girls' Dormitory (36) Love and Hisses (37) Tahiti Honey (43) Petrus (46) Temptation Harbour (47) Donne senza nome (49) Olivia (50) Das zweite Leben (54) I tre ladri (54) The Extra Day (56)