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Jacques Tourneur

Picture Jacques Tourneur - signiertes Foto von den Dreharbeiten zum Film Berlin Express (48). Es haben signiert: Lucien Ballard, Jacques Tourneur, Bert Granet, Charles Korvin, Robert Coote, Merle Oberon, Tex Wheaton, Robert Ryan, Paul Lukas und Roman Toporov.

1904 - 1977

Signed picture during the shooting to "Berlin Express" (48). 
There are the following signatures:
Lucien Ballard, Jacques Tourneur, Bert Granet, Charles Korvin, Robert Coote, Merle Oberon, Tex Wheaton, Robert Ryan, Paul Lukas and Roman Toporov.

The director Jacques Tourneur began his film career in France but became famous in the USA.
He came early in contact with the film because his father Maurice Tourneur was also a director. The Tourneur family lived in the USA from 1914 where Jacques Tourneur started as a messenger boy by MGM.

He went to France at the end of the 20's and worked there as a cutter. His first movie as a director was "Tout ça ne vaut pas l'amour" (31). 
He realised other movies like "Toto" (33) and "Les filles de la concierge" (34) in the next years.

Finally he returned to the USA where he first worked as a director assistant By David O. Selznick. To his first own directions in the USA belong "Killer-Dog" (36), "Romance of Radium" (37), "The Rainbow Pass" (37), "The Face Behind the Mask" (38) and "They All Come Out" (39).

At the beginning of the 40's he directed "Phantom Raiders" (40), "The Incredible Stranger" (42) and "The Magic Alphabet" (42), afterwards he was engaged by Val Lewton as first director for the new founded RKO.
There he realised a masterpiece with his first movie "Cat People" (42) and it followed others.
To his well-known works till the end of the 50's belong "I Walked with a Zombie - Ich folgte einem Zombie" (43), "Days of Glory" (44), "Canyon Passage" (46), "Berlin Express" (48), "The Flame and the Arrow" (50), "Anne of the Indies" (51), "Wichita" (55) and "Night of the Demon - Der Fluch des Dämons" (57).

After that he only appeared seldom for the big screen or television. To his last movies belong "Fury River" (61), "The Comedy of Terrors - Komödie des Grauens" (64) and "City Under the Sea" (65).

Other movies from Jacques Tourneur: 
Un vieux garçon (31) Pour être aimé (33) The Jonker Diamond (36) Harnessed Rhythm (36) Master Will Shakespeare (36) The Grand Bounce (37) The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning (37) The King Without a Crown (37) What Do You Think? (37) The Man in the Barn (37) Think It Over (38) Strange Glory (38) The Ship That Died (38) Yankee Doodle Goes to Town (39) Nick Carter - Master Detective (39) Doctors Don't Tell (41) The Leopard Man (43) Experiment Perilous - Experiment in Terror (44) Out of the Past (47) Easy Living (49) Stars in My Crown (50) Circle of Danger (51) Way of a Gaucho - König der Gauchos (52) Appointment in Honduras (53) Stranger on Horseback (55) Serie "Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre: Kristi" (55) Great Day in the Morning (56) Nightfall (57) Serie "Northwest Passage" (58) The Fearmakers (58) Timbuktu (59) Frontier Rangers (59) Serie "Bonanza: Denver McKee" (59) Serie "The Twilight Zone: Night Call" (59) Serie "The Alaskans" (59) Serie "Adventures in Paradise: A Bride for the Captain" (59) Mission of Danger (59) La battaglia di Maratona - Die Schlacht von Marathon (59) Serie "T.H.E. Cat" (66)

Les gaietés de l'escadron (32) Les deux orphelines (33) La fusée (33) Le voleur (34) Rothchild (34)