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Marie Trintignant

Michel Vuillermoz

Original signed card by Marie Trintignant, Denis Lavant, Riton Liebman and Brigitte Catillon from the play "Neron"

1962 - 2003

The actress Marie Trintignant was born as the daughter of the actor Jean-Louis Trintignant and the director and screen writer Nadine Trintignant.

Therefore the step into the film business was a short one and she already made her film debut at the age of four with "Mon amour, mon amour" (67), directed by her mother.

When Marie Trintignant was confronted with the crib death of her sister in 1970 she reacted to this shock with a language barrier and she retrieved into her own world. This resulted in a sheepishness opposite other human beings which she fighted with the decision to become an actress. 

In the next years followed other juvenile roles in "Ca n'arrive qu'aux autres" (71), "Défense de savoir" (73) and "Le voyage de noces" (76).

With her role in "Série noire" (79) she managed her breakthrough in the film business and became established as a busy support und later leading actress. 

To Marie Trintignant's movies of the 80s belong "Premier voyage" (80), "La terrazza" (80) with her father Jean-Louis Trintignant, "Les iles" (83), "L'été prochain" (85), "La maison de Jeanne" (88), "Une affaire de femmes" (88) and "La garçonne" (88).

The 90s marked the height of her career and she became a leading actress in impressive movies. 
To her well-known works of those years belong "Nuit d'été en ville" (90), "Betty" (92), "L'instinct de l'ange" (93), "Fugueuses" (95), "Les apprentis" (95), "Le secret d'Iris" (96), "Portraits chinois" (96), Le cousin" (97) and "…Comme elle respire" (98).

To Marie Trintignant's last movies count "Harrison's Flowers" (00), "Petites misères" (02), "Joséphine" (03), "Les marins perdus" (03) and "Janis et John" (03) .

After Marie Trintignant made her first movie under the direction of her mother, her career also ended with a collaboration with her mother Nadine Trintignant as director for the serial "Serie "Colette, une femme libre" (04). They total worked together for 12 movies. 

On July 27 the public was shocked with the headline that Marie Trintignant was beaten by her friend and was delivered into hospital in a critical condition. Five days later she succumbed her serious head injuries - Marie Trintignant was 41 years old.

Other movies with Marie Trintignant:
Serie "Madame le juge: Un innocent" (78) Un matin rouge (82) La groupie (84) Femme fidèle (85) Paulette et son prince (86) Noyade interdite (87) Serie "Médecins des hommes: Afghanistan, le pays interdit" (88) Serie "Sueurs froides: A la mémoire d'un ange" (88) Serie "Les jupons de la révolution: Marat" (89) Wings of Fame (90) Alberto Express (90) Hoffman's honger (93) Cible émouvante (93) Les marmottes (93) Arrêt d'urgence (94) Le misanthrope (94) Rêveuse jeunesse (94) Gorille, mon ami (96) Des nouvelles du bon Dieu (96) Le cri de la soie (96) Ponette (96) L'insoumise (96) Les démons de Jésus (97) La famille Sapajou (97) Elle grandit si vite (99) Serie "Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes" (00) Promenons-nous dans les bois (00) Le prince du Pacifique (00) Una lunga lunga lunga noote d'amore (01) Total Kheops (02) Serie "Colette, une femme libre" (04) Ce qu'ils imaginent (04)