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Marie Versini

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1940 - 2021

The actress Marie Versini can look back on a varied career where she was able to celebrate successes in France as well as international.

She made her film debut at the age of 16 with the movie "Mitsou" (56), it followed the English productions "A Tale of Two Cities" (58) and "Britannicus" (59).

Her breakthrough came in the 60's and she became expecially famous in Germany with the Karl May movies.
After the movie "Chien de pique" (60) at Eddie Constantine's side and Roger Corman's "The Young Racers" (63) she became popular overnight in Germany with her role as Nscho-tschi in "Winnetou - 1. Teil" (63). 
It followed other Karl May movies like "Der Schut" (64), "Durchs wilde Kurdistan" (65), "Im Reich des silbernen Löwen" (65) and "Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand" (66).
Beside it she also took part in the popular German productions "Kennwort...Reiher" (64) and "Liebesnächte in der Taiga" (67) and in the French production "Paris brûle-t-il? (66).

Her activity in front of the camera diminished from the 70's, she got often engagement in TV productions.
To her latest cinematical works belong the episode of the serial "Paul Temple: Antique Death" (70), "Der Lift" (72), "Pour une poignée d'herbes sauages" (73), an episode of the serial "Arsène Lupin: Le film révélateur" (74), the serial "Die Pawlaks - Eine Geschichte aus dem Ruhrgebiet" (82) and the serial "Die schöne Wilhelmine" (84).

Other movies with Marie Versini: 
Il peccato degli anni verdi (60) Paris Blues (61) Das schwarz-weiss-rote Himmelbett (62) Sandok, il Maciste della giungla (64) Der Schut (64) Halloj i himmelsengen - 2 x 2 im Himmelbett (65) Ferien mit Piroschka (66) The Brides of Fu Manchu (66) Le songe d'une nuit d'été (69) Serie "Motiv Liebe: Die ewige Ungewissheit" (72) La lumière noire (72) Inferno (73) Preussenkorso Nr. 17 (74) Serie "Les oiseaux de Meiji Jingu" (74) La foire (77)