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Jean Yonnel

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1891 - 1968

The actor Jean Yonnel was born as Estève Schachmann in Bucharest.

He made his stage debut at the Théâtre de l'Odéon, it followed other engagements at the Théâtre Sarah-Bernhardt and finally at the Comédie Française where he often impersonated heroic and tragic characters.

His expressive face was also used in movies whereat his appearances in front of the camera remained rather seldom.
In the silent movie era of the 10s he took part in the movies "Le crime enseveli" (13), "Strass et Compagnie" (15), "Les lois du monde" (17) and "La flamme cachée" (18).
In the coming decade he was only playing in two more movies for "Vingt ans après" (22) as D'Artagnan and "Jack" (25).

He continued his film career with the rise of the sound film but his cinematical works remained again seldom and his appearances were distributed to several decades - with the exception of the 30s where he took part in numerous movies.
To his well-known movies belong "L'homme mystérieux" (33), "Amok" (34), "Boissière" (37), "Les nuits blanches de Saint-Pétersbourg" (38), "Mission spéciale" (46), "L'apcalisse" (47), "Procès au Vatican" (52), "Le capitaine Fracasse" (62) and "La dame del alba" (66).

Other movies with Jean Yonnel: 
Fanatisme (34) Königsmark (35) L'appel du silence (36) La tragédie impériale (38) Les 3 tambours (39) La part de l'ombre (45) Les requins de Gibraltar (47) Le grand rendez-vous (50) Marianne de ma jeunesse (55) La reine morte (61) Un drôle de paroissien (63)