Stanley Myers

Stanley Myers

1933 - 1993

Begonnen hatte Stanley Myers seine musikalische Karriere beim britischen Theater, ehe er in den 60er Jahren die Filmmusik für sich entdeckte.
Seine erste filmische Komposition entstand bereits 1958 für "Murder Reported" (58), die eigentliche Karriere in diesem Metier nahm jedoch erst ab 1964 konkret Gestalt an- u.a. für die Hammer Studios.

Zu seinen Arbeiten der 60er Jahre gehören Kino- und Fernsehproduktionen wie "Diary of a Young Man" (64), "The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne" (65), "Road to St. Tropez" (66), "Kaleidoscope" (66), "Ulysses" (67), "The Night of the Fellowing Day" (68) und "Michael Kohlhaas - Der Rebell" (69).

1970 schrieb er für den Film "The Walking Stick" (70) seine berühmteste Komposition "Cavatina", welche jedoch erst acht Jahre später in einer etwas anderen Version in Michael Ciminos Film "The Deer Hunter" (78) internationale Beachtung fand.

Zu seinen weiteren Arbeiten der 70er Jahre zählen "Underground" (70), "Strohfeuer" (72), "Little Malcolm" (74), "Frightmare" (74), "Conduct Unbecoming" (75), "Der Fangschuss" (76), "The Greek Tycoon" (78), "Absolution" (78) und "The Great Riviera Bank Robbery" (79).

In den kommenden Jahren schrieb Stanley Myers zu vielen weiteren Filmen die Musik, dazu gehören "Lady Chatterley's Lover" (81), "The Honorary Consul" (83), "Blind Date" (84), "Eureka" (84), "Black Arrow" (85), "Dreamchild" (85), "Strong Medicine" (86), "Castaway" (86), "Wish You Were Here" (87), "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid" (87), "Trading Hearts" (88), "Track 29" (88), "Ladder of Swords" (89) und "Age-Old Friends" (89).

In seinen letzten Lebensjahren blieb Stanley Myers weiterhin aktiv und untermalte Produktionen wie "Never Come Back" (90), "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" (90), "Homo Faber" (91), "Clothes in the Wardrobe" (93) und "Heart of Darkness" (93) mit seiner Musik.

Stanley Myers wurde auch bekannt als Mentor des Filmkomponisten Hans Zimmer, mit dem er ab 1978 zusammenarbeitete.

Weitere Filme von Stanley Myers:
Serie "Doctor Who" (64) Serie "The Wednesday Play: A Tap on the Shoulder" (65) Serie "The Wednesday Play: Wear a Very Big Hat" (65) Serie "The Wednesday Play: The End of Arthur's Marriage" (65) Serie "The Wednesday Play: The Coming Out Party" (65) Serie "The Wednesday Play: The Big Man Coughed and Died" (66) No Way to Treat a Lady (68) Separation (68) Otley (68) Two Gentlemen Sharing (69) Tropic of Cancer (70) Take a Girl Like You (70) A Severed Head (70) Tam Lin (70) Zee and Co. (72) Sitting Target (72) King, Queen, Knave (72) The Love Ban (73) Divorce His - Divorce Hers (73) Serie "Play for Today: The Operation" (73) The Blockhouse (73) Serie "Shoulder to Shoulder" (74) House of Whipcord (74) Caravan to Vaccares (74) Übernachtung in Tirol (74) The Wilby Conspiracy (75) Serie "The Legend of Robin Hood" (75) Serie "Play for Today: A Passage to England" (75) House of Mortal Sin (76) Schizo (76) A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (77) The Class of Miss MacMichael (78) The Comeback (78) Summer of My German Soldier (78) A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (79) The Border (79) Yesterday's Hero (79) Serie "The Martian Chronicles" (80) The Watcher in the Woods (80) Incubus (81) The Gentleman Bandit (81) Serie "Play for Today: Dear Brutus" (81) Serie "Nancy Astor" (82) Moonlighting (82) Serie "Widows" (83) A Pattern of Roses (83) Serie "Play for Today: rainy Day Women" (84) The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (84) Success Is the Best Revenge (84) Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2 (84) The Next One (84) The Chain (84) Mr. and Mrs. Edgehill (85) Past Caring (85) Serie "Widows 2" (85) Florence Nightingale (85) Insignificance (85) My Brother Jonathan (85) The Second Victory (86) The Lightship (86) The Russian Soldier (86) Separate Vacations (86) Monte Carlo (86) Serie "The Singing Detective" (86) The Zero Boys (86) Harry's Kingdom (87) Scoop (87) A Wreath of Roses (87) Pack of Lies (87) The Wind (87) Stones for Ibarra (88) The Nature of the Beast (88) Baja Oklahoma (88) Taffin (88) Stars and Bars (88) Tidy Endings (88) Nightmare at Noon (88) Paperhouse (88) Christabel (88) The Boost (88) Danny the Champion of the World (89) Torrents of Spring (89) Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (89) A Small Mourning (89) He's Asking for Me (90) Children Crossing (90) The Witches (90) Heading Home (91) A Murder of Quality (91) Cold Heaven (91) Iron Maze (91) My Friend Walter (92) Sarafina! (92) Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris (92) Serie "Head Over Heels" (93) Stalag Luft (93) Serie "Middlemarch" (93)