Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen


Michael Whalen begann seine Laufbahn als Filmkomponist anfangs der 90er Jahre und wurde schon bald ein vielbeschäftigter Komponist auch in anderen Bereichen.
Zu seinen ersten filmischen Arbeiten gehören "It's Alive: The True Story of Frankenstein" (94), "Roger Moore: A Matter of Class" (95), "Innovation" (97),"One Hell of Guy" (98) und "In Search of Liberty Bell 7" (99).

In den kommenden Jahren entstanden weitere Produktionen wie "Lost Liners" (00), "Air Force One" (01), "Chasing Destiny" (01), "George's Dilemma" (02), "Trouble in Paradise" (03), "Dark Roasted Death" (04), "Alaska" (06) und die Serie "Inside Edition" (06).

Neben dem Film schreibt Michael Whalen auch Pop-Songs, Jazz und klassische Musik.

Weitere Filme von Michael Whalen:
Serie "ABC Afterschool Specials: Summer Stories: The Mall" (92) Katharine Hepburn: All About Me (93) People in Motion: Redesigning the Human Machine (95) Serie "Idols of the Game" (95) Southern Star: A Portrait of Atlanta (96) Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster (97) Hubble: Secrets from Space (98) Serie "Out of the Box" (98) Mulligan (00) 95 Worlds and Counting (00) Stolen from the Heart (00) Serie "Modern Marvels: The Maginot Line" (00) Inside the Space Station (00) Serie "The Shape of Life: Origins" (01) Serie "Nature: Toothwalkers: Giants of the Arctic Ice" (01) Serie "The Shape of Life: Bones, Brawn and Brains" (01) Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures from the Other side (01) Born Loser (01) Serie "Durviving West Point" (02) Mind vs. Body (02) Serie "Nova: Ancient Creatures of the Deep" (03) Sea Gypsies of the Forbidden Islands (04) Serie "American Masters: Judy Garland: By Myself" (04) Ode to Elaina (04) The Aggie (04) Hitler's Lost Plan (04) Serie "Slavery and the Making of America" (05) Serie "Nature: Violent Hawaii" (05) The Challenge of Freedom (05) Prophets of Science Fiction (06) Serie "The American Experience2 (99-06) Happy Trails (06) Serie "2057: The World" (07) Serie "2057: The City" (07) Serie "2057: The Body" (07) Armageddon – Der Einschlag (07) The Future Is Wild and the Making of Spore (08) Speaking of Baghdad (09) Dinosaurs Decoded (09) Hit to Right (09) Naked Science: Expedition Apocalypse (10) Transition (10) Sami's Cock (10) Branches (10) The Ethics of Checking Houses (10) Cargo (11) Saving Face (11) Pour Me a Drink & Tell Me a Love Story (11) Brothers on the Line (12) Serie "Episodic: Transition" (13) Beautiful (13) What's Eating Dad? (14) Suriname Gold (14) Preserving Grace (14) Tailing Pond (16) Sure Fire (17) Guilty Not Guilty (18)