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Joseph Almas

1883/1896 - 1948

The actor Joseph Almas was born as Josef Diamant in Smyrna.

When he came to Germany he began his stage career in 1918 and he appeared on different stages in Heidelberg, Frankfurt am Main and from 1922 in Berlin.

He was successful at th Berliner Volksbühne where he was active till 1925, afterwards he got an engagement in Cologne before he returned to Berlin again in 1926.

His first appearance in front of the camera was for the movie "Gewitter über Gottland" (27), in the following sound film era he impersonated few more movie roles, among them "Unter falscher Flagge" (32).

He was not able to work under the National Socialists and he went via Austria and Switzerland to Czechoslovakia where he was active at the theater again. He remained there till 1939 before he emigrated to the United Kingdom. There he was arrested in the meantime as an adverse stranger and even brought to Australia to the Camp Hay and the Camp Tatura. Finally he was allowed to return to England and he continued his artistic career at the theater. From 1944 he also acted again in some movies like "Hotel Reserve" (44), "Mr. Emmanuel" (44), "The Man from Morocco" (45) and "Secret Flight" (46).

After the end of World War II he first went to Switzerland where he appeared at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, later he went back to Germany where he was active in Berlin again at the Hebbel Theater and at the Volksbühne.
His last movie was "Morituri"(48).