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Hansi Arnstaedt

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929) 

1887 - 1945

The actress Hansi Arnstaedt begann her career already in 1898 as a chorus singer at the Stadttheater of Brig. It followed stage engagements in Wiesbaden and finally in Berlin at the "Königlichen Schauspielhaus".
She was successfully working as an actress on German stages for many years when she gained a foothold in the film business.

She already took part in a movie for the first time in 1913 called "Der Film der Königin Luise" (13) where she impersonated the title role. I lasted ten years till her next silent movie followed with "Deutsche Helden in schwerer Zeit" (24).

Only from the 30s she appeared regular on the screen. To her early talkies belong "Dolly macht Karriere" (30), "Der wahre Jakob" (31), "Der Bettelstudent" (31), "Der tolle Bomberg" (32) and "Der Feldherrnhügel" (32).

In her last years of life she appeared among others in "Intermezzo" (36), "Die fromme Lüge" (38), "Lauter Liebe" (40) and "Ich klage an" (41).

When Germany declared the unconditional surrender she committed suicide.

Other movies with Hansi Arnstaedt:
1000 Worte deutsch (30) Der Tanzhusar (31) So'n Wildhund (31) Ich bleib bei Dir (31) Drei Tage Liebe (31) Liebe muss verstanden sein (33) Diener lassen Bitten (36) Das Mädchen von gestern Nacht (38) Hurra, ich bin Papa! (39) Herz geht vor Anker (40) Annelie (41) Tolle Nacht (43)