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Peter Bosse

Lichtbild aus "Das Gässchen zum Paradies" 1936

1931 - 2018

The actor Peter Bosse was born  as the son of the actress Hilde Maroff. He experienced from the middle of the 30's a short time fame as a child actor in well-known productions.

He impersonated in his first movie the son of the great opera singer Benjamino Gigli in "Vergiss mein nicht" (35). 
In the next year followed several movies in which he pleased the audience with his cheeky face. He acted in "Schloss Vogelöd" (36) under the direction of Max Obal, impersonated the small Peter in Douglas Sirk's "Schlussakkord" (36) with Willy Birgel and Lil Dagover and at Hans Moser's side he moved the hearts in the production "Das Gässchen zum Paradies" (36).

Till the outbreak of the war followed other movies, among them "Solo per te" (37) with opera singer Michael Bohnen, "Frauenliebe - Frauenleid" (37), "Mutterlied" (38) - again as the son of Benjamino Gigli, "Asszony a valszuton - Die Frau am Scheidewege" (38) with Ewald Balser and Magda Schneider and "Robert und Bertram" (39).

After the war he only appeared seldom in front of the camera, to these movies belong "Der Prozess wird vertagt" (58) and "Der Traum des Hauptmann Loy" (61).

Weitere Filme mit Peter Bosse:
Alles weg'n dem Hund (35) Reisebekanntschaften (36) Heinz hustet (37) Kapitäne bleiben an Bord (58)