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Wera Engels

1904 - 1988

The actress Wera Engels had a short but very eventful film career.
She already made her film debut in the silent movie era with the movie "Mädchenhandel" (26), it followed "Lützows wilde verwegene Jagd" (27) and "Hast Du geliebt am schönen Rhein" (27).
Two years later she took part in an English movie called "The Streets of London" (29). After that she ended up in France where she appeared in Marcel L'Herbier's movie "Le parfum de la dame en noir" (30).

In the following years she continued working for the international film business, in Germany as well as France, and from 1933 to 1935 in the USA.
To her well-known movies of these years belong "Der Greifer" (30), "Der Hexer" (32), "The Great Jasper" (33), Erich von Stroheim's "Fugitive Road" (34) and "The Great Impersonation" (35).
After that she returned to Germany where she played in the movies "Wolga - Wolga" (36) and "Man spricht über Jacqueline" (37).

Other movies with Wera Engels:
Das Spreewaldmädel (28) L'anglais tel qu'on le parle (30) Kinder des Glücks (31) Lumpenkavaliere (32) Together We Live (35) Hong Kong Nights (35) Sweepstakes Annie (35)