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Karin Evans

Foto: Ernst Förster (1879-1943)

1907 - 2004

The actress Karin Evans was a student at Max Reinhardt's stage school in Berlin and was casted in his performance "Jedermann". Within no time she acted together with the greatest stage actors of her time and appeared on many important German stages.

She made her film debut in 1927 with "Der Kampf des Donald Westhof" (27), her only silent movie.
In the next years the film business kept a minor matter which had to submit to the theater.
To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "Die letzte Kompanie" (30) with Conrad Veidt, "Boykott" (30), "Pygmalion" (35) and "Mein Leben für Maria Isabell" (35).

During wartime she took part in the productions "Aus erster Ehe" (40), "Komödianten" (41) and "Ich klage an" (41).

She also gave her special attention to the theater after the war and she often impersonated eccentric and strange characters.
On the big screen she appeared among others in "Affäre Blum" (48), "So ein Affentheater" (53), "Liebe ohne Ilusion" (55), "Ohne dich wird es Nacht" (57), "Liebling der Götter" (60) and "Fanny Hill" (64).

Karin Evans was married with the artist Wolf Hoffmann.

Other movies with Karin Evans:
Das Konzert (31) Der Herr ohne Wohnung (34) Strassenbekanntschaft (48) Das ideale Brautpaar (53) Die Stimme der Sehnsucht (56)