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Franz Ferdinand

1875 - ?

The actor and director Franz Ferdinand (his real name was Franz Ferdinand Bertram) was able to launche a brief film career at the end of the 10s which only lasted till 1920.

As a director he realised the movies "Der Mord an der Bajadere" (19), "Eine sonderbare Spur" (19), "Der Teufelsschlosser" (19) and "Der Feuertod" (20). In all four movies he also appeared as an actor in front of the camera.

Beside it Franz Ferdinand also took part in few movies for other directors like "Ein Künstlerleben" (19), "Die Liebe vom Zigeuner stammt" (19) and "Das Andreasfest" (19).

He got more attention as an impostor than as an actor. He counterfeited his biography and impersonated himself as an experienced stage actor. Numerous remarks in his biography he took over from the already deceased stage actor Franz Ferdinand.
With it he attracted many students for his film acting school. The goal was to prepare the students to the new medium film but in reality he wanted to cash the school fees. The promised occupation for the Regent-Film-Fabrik did fall through (according to several articles in Kino-Journal, Österreichischer Komet and Filmwelt). This school existed from 1915 to 1927 although first warningly articles were published from 1918.
It seems that the actress Elsa Bielitz supported him for this frauds.