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Rudi Godden

1907 - 1941

The actor Rudi Godden was born as Rudi Lissbauer in Berlin. When he found out his interested at the opera he took singing lessons to make a future career as an opera singer. Beside it he worked as an extra at the German Schauspielhaus.

He founded together with three others the topical-satirical singing quartette "Blue Boys" at the end of the 20's and went on tour. It followed cabaret and opera performances in Berlin.

He was signed on by Tobis in 1936 and Rudi Godden made his film debut in "Truxa" (36). The always cheerful looking actor became soon a popular actor and enraptured the audience with the movies "Musketier Meier III" (38), "Es leuchten die Sterne" (38), "Hallo Janine" (39), "Robert und Bertram" (39), "Der ungetreue Eckehart" (39) and "Die lustigen Vagabunden" (40).

His much promising career ended abruptly in January 1941 as he died at the age of 33 of the aftereffects of a blood poisoning.

Other movies with Rudi Godden:
Einmal werd' ich Dir gefallen (37) Die kleine und die grosse Liebe/Stewardess im Luftexpress (38) Das Leben kann so schön sein/Eine Frau für's Leben (38) Die goldene Maske (39) Das Gewehr über (39) Polterabend (40)