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Dolly Haas

Picture Dolly Haas
Foto: Walter Lichtenstein (1902-1984)
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von André Limot © Limot

1910 - 1994

Dolly Haas carried on first artistic activities as a ballet dancer. 
After her graduate she went to Berlin and got a supporting role in a stage play from Erik Charell. 

The year 1930 constituted an important turning point in her career. Sie became offered an engagement with Max Reinhardt and celebrated her first night in a film. Her second film "Dolly macht Karriere" (30) could stand nearly prophetically for her future, wouldn't had been the political circumstances in the following years. 
But for the time being Dolly Haas appeared in several swinging movies where she acted the smart and resolute type, not rarely dressed as a lad and thus predestined for so called trousers roles. 

Her attendance in the film "Das hässliche Mädchen" (33) started her turning away from German movie. When it came to riots against her Jewish partner Max Hansen during the first night and after the names of director Hermann Kosterlitz and writer Felix Joachimson were stroke off from the credits, she became aware of the political threat. This finally led to her emigration to England in 1936. 
There she played in two movies before she got a three-year contract from Columbia. But she wasn't allowed to shoot films. In 1941 sie devoted herself to the theater and appeared only sporadic in TV productions.  
Her sole cinema movie in the USA she acted under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock in "I Confess - Ich beichte/Zum Schweigen verurteilt" (53), by O.E. Hasse's side. 

Dolly Haas was married in second marriage with the famous caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.

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