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Gudrun Hildebrandt

1892 - 1967

The actress and dancer Gudrun Hildebrandt was already active in theaters in Berlin as a child, and she also attended the acting school of the Königliches Schauspielhaus in Berlin at that time. Further training followed, among others, with Gertrud Eysoldt at the Max Reinhardt School.

Already in 1896 first appearances at the theater are noted such as "Don Carlos" and "Wilhelm Tell".

At the beginning of the 10's she also became a popular model for postcards.

She made her film debut in 1913 in "Das Leben ein Roman" (13) directed by Fritz Bernhardt, it followed "Fräulein Puppe - Meine Frau" (14) at Kurt Gerron's, Hermann Picha's and Fritz Schulz's side.

During World War I she made her last appearance in front of the camera for the production "Zwischen den Jahrhunderten" (16).

After her short film career she concentrated on the art of dance and she founded a dance school in Berlin, besides she was also a popular lecture artist. Numerous performances at different stages in Germany followed.
As an author she also created few books like "Grammar of Modern Dances" (20) and the novel "Steffi Walborg, the Novel of a Dancer" (26).

In 1927 she married the politician Benedikt Marx. With him she had to leave Germany with the rise of the National Socialists and they emigrated to England.

Other movies with Gudrun Hildebrandt:
Das Leben ein Roman (13) Fräulein Puppe – Meine Frau (14) Zwischen den Jahrhunderten (16)