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Johanna Hofer

1896 - 1988

The petite actress Johanna Hofer was an impressive interpreter who nearly exclusively orientated her creative urge to the theater. There she had great successes and acquired soon a considerable name.

She got married with the actor and director Fritz Kortner in 1924 and both influenced the Berliner theater in the next years.

Johanna Hofer already made her film debut in 1926 with the silent movie "Die Schwestern vom Roten Kreuz", it followed "Die Ausgestossenen" (27), but her short excursion to the world of the film didn't convince her to continue her career in this profession.
Instead of it she continued acting at the theater and went on tour. When the atmosphere in Germany overturned in 1933 and a chase agains Jews began, the couple Hofer/Kortner didn't return to Germany after a foreign country tour. The attacks against Fritz Kortner became more violent and they emigrated to Vienna and later to London, New York and Hollywood.

Johanna Hofer impersonated in the USA small parts in three movies called "Hitler's Madman" (43), "Above Suspicion" (43) and "Hotel Berlin" (45).
They both returned to Germany in 1947 and Johanna Hofer was able to continue her theater career. And from time to time she also appeared in some German movies. To her few movies of that time belong "Der Ruf" (49), "Der Verlorene" (51), "Toxi" (52) and "Waldhausstrasse 20" (60).

To her last cinematical works belong "Der Fussgänger" (73), "Gross und Klein" (80) and "Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss" (82).

Other movies with Johanna Hofer: 
Vor Sonnenuntergang (56) A Farewell to Arms (57) Die grosse Chance (57) Ein Lied geht um die Welt (58) Die Alkestiade (58) Il vendicatore - Der Rebell von Mexiko (59) Im Reservat (73) Memento Mori (75) Nicht schuldig? (76) Ich will doch nur, dass ihr mich liebt (76) Seniorenschweiz (76) Serie "Derrick: Kein schöner Sonntag" (76) Rückfälle (77) Max und Traudl (79) Possession (81) Serie "Die Pawlaks" (82) Serie "Der Alte: Der Tote im Wagen" (83)