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Ludwig F. Kerscher

1912 - ?

The actor Ludwig F. Kerscher entered the German film business in the middle of the 30s.

He impersonated the role of Toni Bruggler in his first movie "Standschütze Bruggler" at the side of Franziska Kinz, Eduard Köck and Beppo Brem.

In the next years he took part in "Die Jugendsünde" (36) as Michl the farmhand and directed by Franz Seitz, "Spiel auf der Tenne" (37) directed by Georg Jacoby in which he played the role Stiegler Hartl together with Fritz Kampers, Joe Stöckel, Heli Finkenzeller and Kurt Meisel, "Grenzfeuer" (39) with Attila Hörbiger, Gerda Maurus and Hans Adalbert Schlettow as well as "Der arme Millionär" (39) as Xaverl Brandl at the side of comedian Weiss-Ferdl, Trude Haefelin, Willy Rösner and Georg Alexander.

His aspiring film career went on in 1940 where he appeared in four more movies - "Das Abenteuer geht weiter" (40) as innkeeper Toni Schöbinger with Johannes Heesters, Paul Kemp, Theo Lingen, Gusti Wolf and Annie Rosar, "Der Feuerteufel" (40) as farmer Kluiber with Luis Trenker, Judith Holzmeister, Hilde von Stolz and Fritz Kampers, "Liebesschule" (40) with Luise Ullrich, Viktor Staal, Johannes Heesters and Hans Brausewetter and "Im Schatten des Berges" (40) as Bruno Pirk with Attila Hörbiger, Hansi Knoteck, Franziska Kinz and Winnie Markus.

His promising career came to an abrupt end when he had to join the Wehrmacht as many other young men at that time. 
Afterwards his track has gone lost. He apparently was taken into Russian captivity and lived in Munich after his release.

His daughter Melitta Tegeler and his grandson Nicolai Tegeler also became actors.