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Else Knott

1909  1975

The actress Else Knott got an education as a painter but in 1925 she decided to become an actress and she studied at the acting school in Frankfurt.

It followed first engagements in Darmstadt, afterwards she appeared in Essen, Cologne and Hamburg before she went on tour through South America in 1936.

After her return ini the same year she continued her stage career successfully in Germany.

She was only rarely active in the film business for the time being, her first appearance was in "Morgenrot" (33). It followed the movie "Stukas" (41).

After the war she not only continued her stage career but also acted in front of the camera more often.
She impersonated support roles in the productions "Die Familie Hesselbach" (54) as mother Hesselbach, "Ein Volksfeind" (55), "Mädchen mit schwachem Gedächtnis" (56), "Auf St. Paul ist der Teufel los" (59), "Der tolle Tag" (62), "Verdammt zur Sünde" (64), "Van Gogh" (69) and an episode of the serial "Der Kommissar: Der Mord an Frau Klett" (70) where she played the title role.

Other movies with Else Knott:
Familie Hesselbach im Urlaub (55) Herr Hesselbach und die Firma (56) Das Horoskop der Familie Hesselbach (56) Das Lächeln der Gioconda (58) Peterchen's Mondfahrt (59) Dr. Knock (60) Schwarzer Kies (61) Der Datterich (63) Serie "Die Firma Hesselbach: Wertsachen" (63) Serie "Hafenpolizei: Das Autowrack" (66) Wo blieb Friedich Weisgerber? (66) Bleibe lasse (69)