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Robert Land

1887 - 1940

The director Robert Land was born as Robert Liebmann in Kremsier.

He spent his teenager years in Vienna where he also joined an acting school.
He gained a foothold at the theater in 1911 and he impersonated numerous roles on different stages in the next years.

When he got enthusiastic from the film business in 1914 he even founded an own film company which produced several short movies. Robert Land not only realised them as a producer but also a director.

After World War I he was able to use his experiences as a director for other film companies and he began to realise feature movies as a director.
To his first directions belong "Die Rache ist mein" (19), "Der Leibeigene" (19) and "Adrian Vanderstraaten" (19).

He created his greatest successes during the silent movie era of the 20s, first in Austria and from 1925 in Germany too.
To his popular works of those years belong "Durch die Quartiere des Elends und Verbrechens" (20), "Don Juan" (22), "Der Fluch" (25) - in this movie appeared the later movie star Lilian Harvey for the first time, "Venus im Frack" (27), , "Primanerliebe" (27), "Frau Sorge" (28), "Der Raub der Sabinerinnen" (28) and "Ich küsse ihre Hand, Madame" (29) with Marlene Dietrich.

He was able to continue his film career as a director in Germany at the beginning of the 30s and he shot movies like "Boykott" (30), "24 Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau" (31) and "Drei Kaiserjäger" (33), but as a Jews his days in Germany were numbered in 1933.

Robert Land left Germany and he worked in the next few years in Czechoslovakia and Austria. There he was the director for productions like "Melodramma" (34), "Jana, das Mädchen aus dem Böhmerwald" (35), "Arme kleine Inge" (36) and "Panenka" (38).

What happened to him is lying in nebulosity. Some sources are reporting from an escape to Paris where his track went lost, others are reporting of an arrest and following homicide.

Besides his activity as an actor Robert Land was also working as a screen writher and producer.

Other movies from Robert Land (Director):
Die Rosenkreuzer (22) Der fesche Erzherzog (27) Alpentragödie (27) Zwei rote Rosen (28) Prinzessin Olala (28) Der Held aller Mädchenträume (29) Der lustige Witwer (29) Spiel um den Mann (29) Die kleine Veronika (29) Liebe und Champagner (30) Wiener Liebschaften (31) Wochenend im Paradies (31)

Die Jüdin von Toledo (19) Der Bankkrach unter den Linden (26) Die kleine Veronika (29) Boykott (30)

Der Fluch (25) Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame (29) Der Held aller Mädchenträume (29) Die kleine Veronika (29)