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Axel Monjé

1910 - 1962

The actor Axel Monje decided at young age to become an actor and he took singing lessons an acting lessons by Kurt Meister. 
He began his career with smallest roles at the Theater in Bremerhaven, later followed engagements in Frankfurt and from 1939 also in Berlin.
In the same year he got his first film role and he took part in the short movie "Das Stilett" (39).
It soon followed engagement in feature movies like "Die fremde Frau" (39), "Zentrale Rio" (39), "Kornblumenblau" (39), "Falschmünzer" (40) and "Blutsbrüderschaft" (41).
His acting career came to a stop when he had to join the military service during the war. 
He continued his acting career after the war, first with the big success "Drei Mann auf einem Pferd" at the Berliner Schlossparktheater with the partners Walter Bluhm and Hildegard Knef.
Besides the theater he also acted again in movies from 1948, whereupon he was engaged for leading roles in DEFA production whereas the West German film only offered him support roles. 
To his movies of the 40s and 50s belong "Beate" (48), "Der Auftrag Höglers" (50), "Die sieben Kleider der Katrin" (54), "Rittmeister Wronski" (54), "Emil und die Detektive" (54), "Canaris" (54), "Die letzte Nacht der Titanic" (55), "Der 20. Juli" (55) and "Peter schiesst den Vogel ab" (59).
His last movies were "Das kunstseidene Mädchen" (60) and "Elisabeth von England" (61).
Besides his activity as an actor he also took over speaking part for the radio and he was dubbing actors.
He lent his voice to stars like Errol Flynn, Stewart Granger, Bing Crosby, Mario Lanza, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Leslie Howard and Gregory Peck.
Axel Monjé had his last appearance at the Theater des Westens for the musical "My Fair Lady", where he came into operation as understudy for Friedrich Schoenfelder, who had to refuse his part because of hoarsness. 
He had his first appearances as colonel Pickering when he suffered a heart attack on the stage. Shortly afterwards he died at the age on 52.

Other movies with Axel Monjé:
Parkstrasse 13 (39) Für die Katz' (40) Mein Leben für Irland (41) Und wenn's nur einer wär' (49) Komm zurück... (53) Alles für dich, mein Schatz (54) Der Zarewitsch (54) Die Mücke (54) Ein Mann vergisst die Liebe (55) Der Prozess Mary Dugan (56) Rivalen am Steuer (57) Freddy, die Gitarre und das Meer (59) Der keusche Lebemann (59)