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Fritz Müller

1866 - 1937

The actor Fritz Müller was normally active at the theater. Only at the age of 53 he took part in his first movie "Adrian Vanderstraaten" (19) where he played the role of the superintendent van Amstel.
Under the direction of Robert Land also appeared Alfred Gerasch, Eugen Frank, Anna Kallina and Armin Seydelmann.

After his attendance in the silent movie era it lasted more than ten years before he acted in front of the camera again.
His last movies came in the 30s into being with "Wenn die Abendglocken läuten" (30) directed by Hans Beck-Gaden with Josef Berger, Maria Mindszenty, Franz Loskarn and Hans Beck-Gaden, "Der bebende Berg" (31) again from and with Hans Beck-Gaden, Hilda Rosch, Hanna Waag and Albert Kersten, "Die vom 17er Haus" (32) with Victor Kutschera, Fred Louis Lerch and Elly Förster as well as Werner Hochbaum's "Hannerl und ihre Liebhaber" (36) with Olly von Flint, Hans Moser, Albrecht Schoenhals, Jane Tilden, Rudolf Carl, Hans Holt and Olga Tschechowa.