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Lissi Nebuschka

1888 - 1966

The actress Lissi Nebuschka grew up in an artistic environement. Her father was the opera singer Franz Nebuschka.
Therefore Lissi Nebuschka took also singing lessons from 1908. When she finished her education she got her first engagement at the Hoftheater in Gera in 1910.

She appeared on different German stages in the next years, among others she was very successful with her parodies of the legendary actress Asta Nielsen.

When the producer Christoph Mülleneisen spotted her on stage he engaged her for movies. In these movies she was built up to a kind of a copy of Asta Nielsen. Lissi Nebuschkoa acted in several movies in her first year in the film business like "Die Wildkatze" (12), "Des Meeres und der Liebe Wellen" (12), "Das Komödiantenkind" (12), "Die Bajedere" (12) and "Der Todessturz" (12).

The the enthusiasm of the audience soon diminished for the imitation of Asta Nielsen and therefore Lissi Nebuschka's last movies came already in 1913 into being.
To these productions belong "Maria Sonetta, das Findelkind" (13), "Das Märchen vom Glück" (13), "Endlich allein" (13), "Winterflirt" (13), "Hexenzauber" (13), "Der Tod inden Bergen" (13) and "Aus schwerer Zeit" (13).

Afterwards she concentrated again to her theater career but got only engagements at smaller theaters.

Lissi Nebuschka was married with the actor Carl Schaum.