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Hansi Niese

Picture Hansi Niese
Foto: Charles Scolik (1854-1928)

1875 - 1934

The actress Hansi Niese was regardedas on of the greatest Viennese actresses. She made her first theater experiences already at the age of eleven when she impersonated a role at a touring company.
She conquered the theater world from 1890 as a acting natural without an acting education and she toured through Germany and Austria.
During an engagement at the Berliner Thaliatheater she met director and actor Josef Jarno, they got married in 1899.
Later she went to the Theater in der Josefstadt where she had her greatest successes.

Hansi Niese made her film debut in 1913 with "Walzerkönig", it followed among others the silent movies "Frau Gertraud Namenlos" (14) and "Der Feldherrnhügel" (26). But her expressivness only showed in the sound film era to advantage. To her few talkies belong "Die grosse Liebe" (31), "Ein süsses Geheimnis" (32), "Hochzeit am Wolfgangsee" (33) and "Die Töchter Ihrer Exzellenz" (34).

Other movies with Hansi Niese: 
Purpur und Waschblau (31) Die Blumenfrau von Lindenau (31) Husarenliebe (32) Kaiserwalzer/Audienz in Ischl (32) Die grosse Chance (34)