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Maria Orska

Picture Maria Orska
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1893 - 1930

The actress Maria Orska was born as Rachel Blindermann Frankfurter in Nicolayev. She was developed by Ferdinand Gregori in St. Petersburg in 1910, one year later she went to Vienna with her mother and her sister. Soon she settled in Germany where she made her German stage debut at the Hoftheater Mannheim. It followed theater engagements in Hamburg from 1911 and finally in Berlin from 1915 by the legendary Max Reinhardt.

She began her film career in the Middle of the 10's and worked till 1917 almost exclusively for the director Max Mack.
To her early movies belong "Dämon und Mensch" (15), "Der Sumpf" (16) and "Die schwarze Lo" (17).

She only appeared in few more movies in the 20's, so in "Die letzte Stunde" (20), "Die Bestie im Menschen" (21) and "Fridericus Rex" (23). After that she retired from the film business, afterwards she concentrated to the theater again.

She got married with the Jewish banker Baron Hans von Bleichröder, the marriage was divorced in 1925. In the following year she had to bear the stroke that her sister committed suicide by hanging herself in a hotel in Berlin.

Maria Orska committed suicide as well in 1930 at the age of 37 with an overdose of Veronal. This barbiturate was well-known among artists till to the 60s as an addictive but also suicide drug. 

Other movies with Maria Orska:
Das Geständnis der grünen Maske (16) Der Fakir im Frack (16) Der lebende Tote (16) Das tanzende Herz (16) Die Sektwette (16) Adamants letztes Rennen (17) Der Streik der Diebe (21)