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Foto: Theodor Mayerhofer (1855-1941) 

1872 - 1945

The actor, screen writer and author Roda-Roda was born as Sandor Friedrich Rosenfeld in Drnowitz.
Because his family used the name Roda in order to hide ther Jewish roots, the first works of Sandor Friedrich Rosenfeld - which he wrote together with his sister - were published under the name Roda. Therefore their books were published by their initials A. and M. as well as the doubling of their family name - A.M. Roda Roda.
Sandor Friedrich Rosenfeld took over this doubling in 1906 and used it as his pseudonym.

Roda-Roda began a study for law and when he gave it up he joined the military. There he was able to be active as an author as well and he wrote the "Slavonische Dorfgeschichten".

His works were regularly published in the publication "Simplicissimus" from 1900 and in 1902 he wrote the play "Dana Petrowitsch" based on his liaison with the actress Adele Sandrock.

Because of several offenses he was released from the military service in 1907 and Roda-Roda concentrated to his stage career. He used his experiences in the military for the writing of the play "Der Feldherrnhügel" (09) which was filmed several times in later years.

With the outbreak of World War I Roda-Roda worked as a war correspondent and after the war he became an all-rounder in the fields cabaret and literature. His literarily works were characterized by humour and satire.

The first filming of one of Roda-Roda's work was the movie "Die Liebe vom Zigeuner stammt..." (20), it followed other scripts for "Der Feldherrnhügel" (26), "Liebeskommando" (31) and "Der Feldherrnhügel" (32).

He was also able to act in front of the camera for few movies, among them "Der Feldherrnhügel" (26), "Der falsche Feldmarschall" (30), "Er und seine Schwester" (31), "Der Raub der Mona Lisa" (31) and "Der Feldherrnhügel" (32).

The takeover of the National Socialists ended his career in Germany and he went to Austria where he had to flee as well in 1938.
He first went to Switzerland and later he emigrated to the USA.

There he died in New York at the age of 73. In contrast to him who was able to flee abroad, his sister Gisela was deported to Theresienstadt where she died.

Other movies from Roda-Roda (Dialogues):
Der falsche Feldmarschall (30) Er und seine Schwester (31)