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Angela Salloker

Foto: Hanns Holdt (1887-1944)

1913 - 2006

The actress Angela Salloker came already in contact with the theater when she still went to school, where she acted in some school performances. Later she took acting lessons bei Lori Weiser and was occupied at the Grazer Stadttheater in 1928 where she got her first contract at the age of 16.

She appeared in the following years in Breslau, Munich and finally at the Deutsches Theater Berlin.

She made her film debut in 1934 with the movies "Der schwarze Walfisch" (34) and "Hohe Schule" (34). One year later followed her cinematical height when she impersonated the title role in the movie "Das Mädchen Johanna" (35). The film was produced with a unique pool of star players.

Despite her great success she concentrated to the theater, the film played only an unimportant role in her career. Therefore it followed only few more movies till the outbreak of war like "Mädchenpensionat" (36), "Der zerbrochene Krug" (37) and "Die Hochzeitsreise" (39).

During wartime she retired completely from the film business and appeared only on stages. The situation didn't change a lot after the war. She mainly played at theaters, it followed only few more movies and TV productions like "Angela" (49), "Gespenster" (66), "Der Fussgänger" (73), "Das Fräulein von Scuderi" (76) and "Der lebende Leichnam" (81). Beside it she also took part in some episodes of the popular TV serial "Der Kommissar" and "Derrick".

Angela Salloker was married with the actor Armin Dahlen.

Other movies with Angela Salloker:
Serie "Der Kommissar: Kellner Windeck" (71) Serie "Der Kommissar: Schwarzes Dreieck" (73) Serie "Derrick: Ein Kongress in Berlin" (79)