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Georg Schmieter

1887 - 1972

The actor and singer Georg Schmieter began his career in Detmold in 1904 where he appeared at the Hoftheater for the first time.
In the next years he worked as a bariton singer on different stages, among the Lübeck, Rostock and Kiel.

Finally he got an education as a tenor and he made his debut in this function at the Stadttheater Mülhausen in 1911. Other engagements followed in Freiburg, Breslau, Kassel, Vienna, Berlin, Prague and Hanover.

Georg Schmieter was also engaged for movie roles, his first role was for the production "Die Hermannschlacht" (24). It followed silent movies like "Luther" (28), "Wolga Wolga" (28) and "Die Mitternachts-Taxe" (29).

He continued his film career in the sound film era of the 30s.
He impersonated roles in productions like "Der Schuss im Tonfilmatelier" (30), "Dolly macht Karriere" (30), "Meine Frau, die Hochstaplerin" (31), "Tannenberg" (32), "Tagebuch der Geliebten" (35), "Katharina, die Letzte" (36), "Manja Valewska" (36), "Fahrendes Volk" (38) and "Befreite Hände" (39).

After his active career Georg Schmieter was a singing teacher. He was married in second marriage to the singer Herta Stary.

Other movies with Georg Schmieter:
Geheimpolizisten (29) Der Weg nach Rio (31) Die elf Schill'schen Offiziere (32) So leben wir alle Tage (33) Gretel zieht das grosse Los (33) Im weissen Rössl (35) Burgtheater (36) Der Schimmelkrieg in der Holledau (37) Schüsse in Kabine 7 (38)