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Maria von Tasnady

1911 - 2001

The actress Maria von Tasnady began her career at the Staatstheater Oldenburg and was successfully both as an actress and singer.

She made her film debut in 1932 with "Wenn die Liebe Mode macht" (32) and "Durchlaucht amüsiert sich" (32). Her roles became more important in the next years and finally she also impersonated leading roles from 1936 but she never managed the great breakthrough.
To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "Schlussakkord" (36), "Streit um den Knaben Jo" (37), "Frau Sylvelin" (38) and "Die Frau ohne Vergangenheit" (39).

Her last German-speaking movies was "Alarm" (41) for the time being. After that she worked in Hungarian and Italian movies. Till the end of war she took part in movies like "L'usuraio" (42), "Inferno giallo" (42) and "Bengasi" (42).
She didn't return to Germany at once after the war. She appeared in the movie "Enrico Caruso: Leggenda di una voce" (51), only from 1955 she acted again in Germany for the movies "André und Ursula" (55) and "Die Prinzessin von St. Wolfgang" (57).

Maria von Tasnady was married with the director Geza von Radvanyi. 

Other movies with Maria von Tasnady:
Menschen ohne Vaterland (37) Das Abenteuer geht weiter (38) Jede Frau hat ein süsses Geheimnis (39)