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1883 - 1949

The actor and comedian Weiss-Ferdl was born as Ferdinand Weisheitinger in Altötting. He belonged to the most popular Bavarian film comedians and was mentioned in one breath with Karl Valentin.

He appeared as a singer in his childhood but after an apprenticeship as a printer he In seiner Kindheit trat er als Sängerknabe in Erscheinung, doch erst nach einer Lehre als Buchdrucker he chose the way of a comedian and became immortal. He was successfully active as a folk singer at he Münchner Platz, an activity he carried on for about 30 years. He was the head of the "Platzl im Felde" and directed other folk singers, musicians and comedians.

His great talent was his sharp tongue and he put the emotions of the man in the street into sharp lines which found an appropriate huge resonance.
Therefore it is not surprising that Weiss-Ferdl didn't play an important role in the silent movie era - this medium would have deprived his most important instrument, his voice. He made his film debut with "Hinter Klostermauern" (28). It followed his second and last silent movie "Links der Isar - rechts der Spree" (29). 
But with the talkies it presented a new platform for him.
His first talkie came already in 1930 in to being called "Der unsterbliche Lump" (30), in the next years followed popular productions like "Der Schützenkönig" (32), "Die beiden Seehunde" (34), "Der Meisterboxer" (34), "Der müde Theodor" (36) and "Der Lachdoktor" (37).

When the National Socialists seized the power in 1933, Weiss-Ferdl saw the chance to find back to the well-tried values of Germany with them and cultivated the contact to the NSDAP. He became a great star in those years and was famous in whole Germany. Besides his activity in movies he especially worked for the stage where he often had nine performances a week. He also wrote several plays and books.

Weiss-Ferdl died in 1949, only one year after the legendary comedian Karl Valentin.

Other movies with Weiss-Ferdl: 
Das Lied der Nationen (31) Wenn dem Esel zu wohl ist (32) Meisterdetektiv (33) Konkunkturritter (34) Alles weg'n dem Hund (35) Pantoffelhelden (35) Befehl ist Befehl (36) Gordian, der Tyrann (37) Der arme Millionär (39) Wunschkonzert (40)