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Robert Wohlmuth

1902 - 1987

The director and screenwriter Robert Wohlmuth learnt his cinematical ability as a director assistant before he realised his first movie as a director in 1927 with "Das Recht zu leben" (27).

In the next years he shot other movies as a director with "Der Venusberg" (27), "Die Ehe einer Nacht" (27), "Liebe im Mai" (28) and "Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blüht" (29).

At the beginning of the 30s he realised his last movies in Germany with "Das Kabinett des Dr. Larifari" (30), "Das Wolgamädchen" (30), "Nacht der Versuchung" (32) and "Die Zwei vom Südexpress" (32), in Austria he shot the production "Fräulein Lilli" (36).

Because of the rise of the National Socialists he first returned to his home country Austria and after the annexation of Austria to he left Europe and went to the USA.
There he changed his name to Robert Wilmot and he realised some more movies as a director during the 40s and 50s. Among them are "It's a Dog's Life" (42), "Dog House" (42), "Swing Serenade" (44) and "Family Affair" (52).

Besides his activity as a director Robert Wohlmuth also wrote several screenplays like "Infantrist Wamperls dreijähriges Pech" (27), "Die Ehe einer Nacht" (27), "Nocturno" (34), "It's a Dog's Life" (42) and "Hollywood and Vine" (45).

Other movies from Robert Wohlmuth (Director):
Infantrist Wamperls dreijähriges Pech (27) Hoch vom Dachstein (38) Lebende Ware (29) In einer kleinen Konditorei (30) Gesangverein Sorgenfrei (31)

In einer kleinen Konditorei (30) Nacht der Versuchung (32) Dog House (43) The Unwritten Code (44)

Der Venusberg (27)

Nocturno (34)