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Philipp Zeska

Foto: Franz Löwy (1883-1949)

1896 - 1977

The actor Philipp Zeska (also Philipp von Zeska) was born in Vienna as the son of the actor Karl Zeska.
He already made his stage debut in 1914 at the of 18 in Frankurt, six years later he became a member of the Burgtheater.

Philipp Zeska made his film debut in 1921, first an an actor later also as a director and screen writer.
To his first movies as an actor belong "Verfehltes Leben" (21), "Betrogene Frauen" (23) and "Ein Walzer von Strauss" (25).

In the talkies he only appeared seldom in ffont of the camera in the next decades, among others in the productions "Prinzessin Sissy" (38), "Glück muss man haben" (53), "Wilhelm Tell" (56) and "Die Rebellion" (62).

With the movie "Schwarz gegen Blond" (39) he realised his first movie as a director and screen writer.

But his real activities he still practised at the theater where he also was busy as an actor as well as a director. Beside it he also wrote poems and stories.
Later he was involved in up-and-coming actors and actress and founded an own studio for it.

Other movies with Philipp Zeska:
Franz Schuberts letzte Liebe (26) Liebling der Matrosen (37) Drei, von denen man spricht (53) Geheimnis einer Ärztin (55) Viel Lärmen um nichts (75) 

Dir zuliebe (44) Hab' ich nur deine Liebe (53)

Fräulein Figaro (39)