Yvonne Arnaud

Foto: Alexander Bassano (1829-1913)

1892 - 1958


The actress Yvonne Arnaud was born in France and was regarded as a piano wonder in her childhood. In 1905 she won the first price at the Parisian conservatory.

In the next six years she was celebretad as a concert pianist and she appearad in Europe and Amercia. Despite this enourmous success she decided in 1911 to leave the concert halls and to dedicate to the theater as an actress where she also took part in many musicals.

But then she had to undergo an operation at the larynx and because of a botch-up her voice was influenced strongly. A continuation as a singer in musicals was unthinkable.

But with her typical determination she dedicated to speaking roles at the theater from now on and was able to gain a foothold in this field too.
She was very successful on British stages and acted in plays like "Tons of Money" (22) and "A Cuckoo in the Nest" (25). 

She appeared for the first time in the film business with the silent movies "The Temptress" (20) and "Desire" (20).
It followed a longer interruption before she acted again in front of the camera with the rise of the talkies. To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "A Cuckoo in the Nest" (33), "Widow's Might" (34), "Stormy Weather" (35), "Lady in Danger" (35) and "Gay Adventure" (36).

Yvonne Arnaud took part in the movies "Tomorrow We Live" (43) and "Woman to Woman" (47) in the 40's, her last cinematical work was Jacques Tati's "Mon oncle" (58).

Yvonne Arnaud was married with the actor Hugh McLellan. In honour of Yvonne Arnaud they opened the Yvonne-Arnaud-Theater in Guildford, Surrey in 1965.

Other movies with Yvonne Arnaud: 
On Approval (30) Canaries Sometimes Sing (30) Tons of Money (31) Princess Charming (34) The Improper Duchess (36) Neutral Port (40) The Ghosts of Berkeley Square (47)