Noah Beery

1882 - 1946

The actor Noah Beery belonged to the most distinguished character actors of his time. He got a huge name recognition with his performances of frightening villains.

Noah Beery made his theater debut already at the age of 16 and in the following years he grew up to a great theater actor.
When his younger half brother Wallace Beery successfully gained a foothold in the film business, he followed his model and made his film debut in 1916 with the movies "The Social Highwayman" (16) and "The Human Orchid" (16).
This was the prelude to his successful career of which progress he took part in almost all film genres, the Western shaped the main part of his early movies.
It followed movies like "Sacrifice" (17), "Molly Entangled" (17), "The White Man's Law" (18), "The Squaw Man" (18) and "The Valley of the Giants" (19).

Noah Beery experienced the height of his career in the 20's. He impersonated normally negative tainted characters in well-known productions like "The Sea Wolf" (20), "The Mark of Zorro" (20), "Tillie" (22), "Flesh and Blood" (22), "Dangerous Trails" (23), "Forbidden Lover" (23), "The Female" (24), "East of Suez" (25), "Beau Geste" (26), "The Dove" (27), "The Four Feathers" (29) and "Noah's Ark" (29).

In the 30's he normally worked for small and independant companies, the big studios only offered him roles from time to time. Still Noah Beery improved each of his roles with his acting ability and was convincing in "Renegades" (30), "Riders of the Purple Sage" (31), "Cornered" (32), "To the Last Man" (33), "Mystery Liner" (34), "King of the Damned" (35), "The Frog" (36), "Zorro Rides Again" (37), "The Bad Man of Brimstone" (37)and "Mexicali Rose" (39). 
Noah Beery was often mentioned as Noah Beery sr. in the credit list from the 30's to prevent a case of mistaken identity with is son who worked in the film business at the same time.

Noah Beery rounded off his impressive career in the 40's with movies like "The Tulsa Kid" (40), "Tennessee Johnson" (42), "Million Dollar Kid" (44) and "Gentle Annie" (44).

Noah Beery was married with the actress Marguerite Walker Lindsey. His son Noah Beery jr. continued successfully the family tradition as an actor.
Noah Beery sr. died of a heart failure during a birthday party of his half brother Wallace Beery.

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