Madge Bellamy

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1899 - 1990

The actress Madge Bellamy started a theater career in Denver and she had her breakthrough when she filled in for Helen Hayes in the Broadway play  "Dear Brutus". Thanks to this success she was signed on by Fox Pictures. 

From 1920 she appeared in movies like "Riddle: The Woman" (20), "Passing Through" (21), "Blind Hearts" (21) and "Hail the Woman" (21). With her performances in "Lorna Doone" (22) and John Ford's "The Iron Horse" (24) she could celebrate great successes. 

Madge Bellamy took part in the silent movies "The White Sin" (24), "Secrets of the Night" (24), "Love and Glory" (24), "The Parasite" (25), "The Man in Blue" (25), "Havoc" (25), "Sandy" (26), "Very Confidential" (27) and "Colleen" (27) in the following years.

She already shot her first talky in 1928 called "Mother Knows Best" (28), it followed works for "Fugitives" (29) and "Tonight at Twelve" (29).

Madge Bellamy got married with stockbroker Logan Metcalf in 1928 but the marriage lasted only three days. 

When she refused to play in the special for her purchased movie "The Trial of Mary Dugan", this led to the breaking-off with Fox Pictures. It took three years till Madge Bellamy cound appear in a movie again - in the horror classic "White Zombie" (32).

But her splendid time of the 20's was over. The 30's offered her only few roles, of which the movies "Riot Squad" (33), "Charlie Chan in London" (34) and "The Great Hotel Murder" (35) are in best memory.
She impersonated her last role in "Northwest Trail" in 1945.

Madge Bellamy made the headlines in 1943 again when she shot her lover, the millionaire A. Stanford Murphy, as he wanted to leave her because of another woman.

Other movies with Madge Bellamy:
The Cup of Life (21) Love Never Dies (21) The Call of the North (21) The Hottentot (22) Garrison's Finish (23) Are You a Failure? (23) Soul of the Beast (23) No More Women (24) Do It Now (24) Love's Whirlpool (24) His Forgotten Wife (24) The Fire Patrol (24) On the Stroke of Three (24) A Fool and His Money (25) The Dancers (25) The Reckless Sex (25) Wings of Youth (25) Lightnin' (25) Thunder Mountain (25) The Golden Strain (25) Lazybones (25) The Dixie Merchant (26) Black Pradise (26) Summer Bachelors (26) Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl (26) Ankles Preferred (27) The Telephone Girl (27) Silk Legs (27) Soft Living (28) The Play Girl (28) Gordon of Ghost City (33) Gigolettes of Paris (33) The Daring Young Man (35) Under Your Spell (36)