Mary Brian

1906 - 2002

The actress Mary Brian was born as Louise Dantzler in Corsicana, Texas.

When the Paramount studios of the movie "Peter Pan" (24) were looking for an actress for the role of the girlfriend of Pan they spottet Mary Brian at a beauty contest . In the role of Wendy Darling she conquered the screen in no time and was market in the following years as "the sweetest girl of the screen".

Mary Brian took part in the silent movies "The Air Mail" (25), "The Enchanted Hill" (26), "Beau Geste" (26), "Prince of Tempters" (26), "High Hat" (27), "Shanghai Bound" (27), "Running Wild" (27), "The Big Killing" (28) and "The Virginian" (29).

The talkies offered her rewarding roles too at the side of many other stars like Gary Cooper, James Cagney and Cary Grant. To her successful talkies belong "Only the Brave" (30), "The Front Page" (31), "Gun Smoke" (31), "The Runaround" (31), "Hard to Handle" (33), "Ever Since Eve" (34), "Once in a Million" (36) and "Killer at Large" (36).

Afterwards the role offers dropped off quickly. In 1937 she was able to take part at an audition for the leading role in the movie "A Star Was Born" but had to accept that the actress Janet Gaynor was chosen who got an oscar nomination for this role.

During World War II Mary Brian entertained US troops and spend Christmas 1944 together with the soldiers in the battle of Ardenne.
To her last movies belong "I Escaped from the Gestapo" (43), "Dragnet" (47) and finally the TV serial "Meet Corliss Archer" (54) - her last cinematical work.

Other movies with Mary Brian:
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