Clive Brook

1887 - 1974

The actor Clive Brook was born into a well protected family. His father was big landowner of a goldmine, his mother was an opera singer.

But Clive Brook wouldn't dream of basking in the sun in this privileged and prosperous environment but earned his own money with different jobs.
He served in World War I and was promoted to a major.

Clive Brook made his debut in 1918 at the London theater, two years later he appeared in a movie for the first time. To his early movies belong "Trent's Last Case" (20), "Her Penalty" (21), "Christie Johnstone" (21), "Shirley" (22), "The Sheik" (22), "The Experiment" (22), "The White Shadow" (23) and "The Reverse of the Medal" (23).

Clive Brook went to the USA in 1924 where he continued his successful career smoothly. He began to work for the Thomas Ince Corp. for the movie "Christine of the Hungry Heart" (24), it followed "The Mirage" (24), "The Money Habit" (24), "Declassée" (25), "The Woman Hater" (25), "Seven Sinners" (25) and "Enticement" (25).
He changed to Paramount Studios in 1926 and took part in other remarkable movies like "You Never Know Women" (26), "Barbed Wire" (27), "Hula" (27) and "Underworld" (27) - in which he produced one of his best interpretations on the screen. The 20's were rounded off with the movies "The Devil Dancer" (27), "Midnight Madness" (29), "Perfect Crime" (28), "Forgotten Faces" (28), "The Four Feathers" (29) and "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" (29) - the first of two movies in which Clive Brook impersonated the famous detective.

Clive Brook continued his career in the 30's with the talkies "Scandal Sheet" (31), "Silence" (31), "Shanghai Express" (32), "Sherlock Holmes" (32), "Gallant Lady" (33) and "Let's Try Again" (34).

In 1935 he left together with his wife the USA and came back to England where he completed his film career. He appeared in the movies "Love in Exile" (36), "Action for Slander" (38), "Convoy" (40), "The Story of a Flemish Farm" (43) and "On Approval" (44) - where he also was a director, writer and producer beside of his part. It was his last film work for two decades and he worked for the theater again. He came back on the big screen for a last time in 1963 with the movie "The List of Adrian Messenger".

Other movies with Clive Brook: 
Kissing Cup's Race (20) A Sportsman's Wife (21) The Loudwater Mystery (21) Daniel Deronda (21) Tense Moments with Great Authors: Vanity Fair (22) Tense Moments from Opera: Rigoletto - La Traviata (22) A Tale of Two Cities (22) Stable Companions (22) Married to a Mormon (22) A Debt of Honour (22) Woman to Woman (23) Through Fire and Water (23) This Freedom (23) The Royal Oak (23) Out to Win (23) The Recoil (24) The Wine of Life (24) The Passionate Adventure (24) When Love Grows Cold (25) Playing with Souls (25) If Marriage Fails (25) Compromise (25) The Home Maker (25) Pleasure Buyers (25) Three Faces East (26) Why Girls Go Back Home (26) For Alimony Only (26) The Popular Sin (26) Afraid to Love (27) French Dressing (27) Yellow Lily (28) Interference (28) A Dangerous Woman (29) The Laughing Lady (29) Charming Sinners (29) Slightly Scarlet (30) Sweethearts and Wives (30) Anybody's Woman (30) East Lynne (31) Tarnished Lady (31) The Lawyer's Secret (31) 24 Hours (31) Husbands's Holiday (31) The Night of June 13th (32) The Man from Yesterday (32) Cavalcade (33) If I Were Free (33) The Midnight Club (33) Where Sinners Meet (34) Dressed to Thrill (35) The Dictator (35) The Lonely Road (36) The Ware Case (38) Return to Yesterday (40) Freedom Radio (41) Breach of Promise (41) Shipbuilders (43)