Marie Burke

1894 - 1988

The actress Marie Burke was born as Marie Rosa Holt in London. She began her film career already at the end of the 10's with silent movies like "The Rise of Jenny Cushing" (17), "The Girl and the Judge" (18), "The Love Defender" (19) and "The Glorious Lady" (19).

She had her greatest successes in the 20's with productions like "Sooner or Later" (20), "Little Miss Rebellion" (20), "Without Fear" (22), "Evidence" (22), "The Face in the Fog" (22), "Little Old New York" (23), "White Mice" (26) and "Unmasked" (29).

With the rise of the talkies her engagements in movies became rarer. She only appeared sporadically in front of the camera, among them "After the Ball" (32), "Midsummer Madness" (37), "Warning to Wantons" (48) and "The Man from Yesterday" (49).

Only from the 50's she acted more again in movie and especially TV productions.
To her well-known movies of the 50's and 60's belong "Odette" (50), "The Flanagan Boy" (53), some episodes of the serial "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "The Snorkel" (58), "The Man Who Could Cheat Death" (59), "The Rebel" (61), "Girl in the Headlines" (63), "Devils of Darkness" (65) and "Lost Command" (66).

Her last movie was "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (71) at Peter Finch's and Glenda Jackson's side.

Marie Burke war married with the actor Tom Burke. Her daughter Patricia Burke became also an actress.

Other movies with Marie Burke: 
A House Divided (19) Help! Help! Police! (19) My Little Sister (19) The Gray Towers Mystery (19) His House in Order (20) Remodeling Her Husband (20) A Dark Lantern (20) The New York Idea (20) Why Announce Your Marriage? (22) Isle of Doubt (22) Slim Shoulders (22) Youthful Cheaters (23) The Heart Raider (23) Three Miles Out (24) Who's Cheating? (24) Madness of the Heart (49) The Lavender Hill Mob (51) The Constant Husband (55) Serie "The Adventures of Robin Hood: Maid Marian" (55) Serie "The Adventures of Robin Hood: Checkmate" (55) Serie "The Adventure of Robin Hood: The Traitor" (56) The Green Man (56) Serie "The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Dream" (57)  Miracle in Soho (57) Face in the Night (58) Serie "Danger Man: View from the Villa" (60) Serie "Danger Man: The Trap" (61) The Terror of the Tongs (61) Serie "Sir Francis Drake: The Governor's Revenge" (62) Serie "The Saint: The Latin Touch" (62) Serie "The Saint: The Charitable Countess" (62) Serie "Zero One: The Last of the Squadron" (63) Serie "The Saint: Teresa" (63) Sťance on a Wet Afternoon (64) Rattle of a Simple Man (64) Vendetta for the Saint (69) Serie "The Saint: Vendetta for the Saint" (69)