Madeleine Carroll

1906 - 1987

The actress Madeleine Carroll was born as Marie-Madeleine Bernadette O'Carroll in West Bromwich, England.

She began her professional career as a French teacher (she also spoke fluently German and Spanish) and as a modes, but in 1927 she gave up these activities for her acting career.

She appeared in first British silent movies from 1928, so in "What Money Can Buy" (28), "The Guns of Loos" (28), "The First Born" (28), "Atlantic" (29) and "The American Prisoner" (29).

She got the height of her career in the 30's. First she appeared in well-known movies in England like "School for Scandal" (30), "Escape" (30), "Madame Guillotine"(31), "Sleeping Car" (33), "I Was a Spy" (33) and finally two movies of Alfred Hitchcock - "The 39 Steps" (35) and "Secret Agent" (36).

With these two movies she attracted attention in the USA and in 1936 she went to Hollywood. There she soon became a popular actress too and played together with many stars.

To her well-known movies of the 30's in the USA belong "The General Died at Dawn" (36) with Gary Cooper, "Lloyd's of London" (36), "On the Avenue" (37), "The Prisoner of Zenda" (37), "Blockade" (38) and "Honeymoon in Bali" (39).

In the 40's followed movies like "Safari" (40), "One Night in Lisbon" (41) and "My Favorite Blonde" (42), after that her career was interrupted when her sister  Marguerite died during a bomb attack to London. This led to Madeleine Carroll's commitment for social services during World War II.

She only appeared in few more movies after the war - "White Cradle Inn" (46), "An Innocent Affair" (48) and "The Fan" (49). In the next years she worked at the theater and for the radio before she retired from the entertainment. She lead a seculed live out of Paris on a huge farm.  

Madeleine Carroll got the American nationality in 1943. She was married four times, among others with the actor Sterling Hayden. 

Other movies with Madeleine Carroll:
Pas si bÍte (28) L'instinct (29) The Crooked Billet (29) Young Woodley (30) French Leave (30) The Written Law (31) The W Plan (31) The Kissing Cup Race (31) Fascination (31) The World Moves On (34) The Dictator (35) The Case Against Mrs. Ames (36) The Story of Papworth (36) It's All Yours (37) Cafe Society (39) My Son, My Son (40) North West Mounted Police (40) Bahama Passage (41) Virginia (41) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: The Letter" (50) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Women of Intrigue" (51)