Mary Charleson

1890 - 1961

Die in Irland Schauspielerin Mary Charleson wurde als Enkelin der Schauspielerin Kate Price geboren.

In Amerika konnte sie bereits 1912 beim Film Fuss fassen und gehörte schon bald zu den frühen Kinostars der USA.

Zu ihren bekanntesten Filmen der frühen 10er Jahre gehören "The Troubled Trail" (12), "Out of the Shadows" (12), "The Hat" (12), "Four Days" (13), "The Deceivers" (13), "Bedelia Becomes a Lady" (13), "The Spell" (13), "The Intruder" (13), "The Mystery of the Silver Skull" (13), "Iron and Steel" (14), "The Strange Story of Sylvia Gray" (14), "What Happened to Jones" (15), "The Silent Accuser" (15) und "Cutting Down Expenses" (15).

Nach 1915 kam ihre Laufbahn schnell zu einem Ende. In den kommenden Jahren agierte sie nur noch in wenigen Filmen mit, darunter "The Prince Chap" (16), "The Little Shoes" (17), "Satan's Private Door" (17), "Whit Hoops of Steel" (18) und "Upstairs and Down" (19).

Mit "Human Stuff" (20) entstand ihr letzter Kinofilm.

Mary Charleson war mit dem Schauspieler Henry B. Walthall verheiratet.

Weitere Filme mit Mary Charleson: 
The Ancient Bow (12) The Road to Yesterday or Memories of Patio Days (12) Bill Wilson's Gal (12) When California Was Young (12) The Spirit of the Range (12) Una of the Sierras (12) Timid May (12) Natoosa (12) A Bit of Blue Ribbon (13) The Winning Hand (13) The Smoke from Lone Bill's Cabin (13) The Whispered Word (13) A Corner in Crooks (13) When the Desert Was Kind (13) A Matter of Matrimony (13) The Two Brothers (13) The Transition (13) After the Honeymoon (13) The Sea Maiden (13) The Wrong Pair (13) His Weakness Conquered (13) The Actor (13) The Courage of the Commonplace (13) Fate and Three (13) The Heart of a Heathen (13) His Lordship Billy Smoke (13) Matriomonial Manoeuvres (13) The Warmakers (13) The Sale of a Heart (13) The Golden Pathway (13) The Education of Aunt Georgiana (13) Silent Trails (14) The Woman in Black (14) Mr. Barnes of New York (14) Her Great Scoop (14) The Acid Test (14) Etta of the Footlights (14) A Sentimental Burglar (14) Doctor Smith's Baby (14) Love the Clairvoyant (14) The Honeymooners (14) Without Hope (14) The Road o' Strife (15) No Other Way (15) The Call of Motherhood (15) Polly of the Pots and Pans (15) Tony and Marie (15) Thing Mothers (15) When Youth Is Ambitious (15) In Love's Own Way (15) Sealed Lips (15) Passers By (16) The Country That God Forgot (16) The Truant Soul (16) Burning the Candle (17) The Saint's Adventure (17) His Robe of Honor (18) Humdrum Brown (18) The Long Lane's Turning (19)