Gladys Cooper

Foto: Alexander Bassano (1829-1913)

1888 - 1971

The actress Gladys Cooper came early in contact with the limelight and already worked as a model at the age of six.
Her dream to become an actress became true with her engagement by Seymour Hicks for his "Bluebell in Fairyland" (05). Afterwards followed appearances on other British stages and her popularity increased.

It didn't last long and Gladys Cooper made her film debut in 1913 with "The Eleventh Commandment" (13), it followed movies like "The Real Thing at Last" (16), "The Sorrows of Satan" (17) and "My Lady's Dress" (17).

Afterwards she concentrated again on the theater, not least because she directed the Playhouse Theater besides Frank Curzon, which was not obvious at that time.

She also began to write plays for the theater, so there was little time left for movies.
Till the end of the 30's she took part in the movies "Unmarried" (20), "Bonnie Prince Charlie" (23) and "The Iron Duke" (34) - her first sound film.

Only from the 40's the film became a more important position in her career and she was engaged in the USA where she made her US film debut in Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca" (40). This movie also also the debut for Alfred Hitchcock in the USA. Gladys Cooper played the sister of the leading actor Sir Laurence Olivier and was convincing the audience as well as the critics.

In the next years came many movies with her into being like "The Black Cat" (41), "This Above All" (42), "Now, Voyager" (42) at Bette Davis' side and for which she was nominated for an Oscar, "The Song of Bernadette" (43) with her second Oscar nomination, "Princess O'Rourke" (43), "Mrs. Parkington" (44), "The Green Years" (46), "The Bishop's Wife" (47), "The Pirate" (48) and "Madame Bovary" (49).

Gladys Cooper still acted regular in front of the camera from the 50's and later in TV production, both in the USA and England.
to her well-known movies of those years belong "At Sword's Point" (52), "Separate Tables" (58), "Pygmalion" (63), "My Fair Lady" (64) with her third and last Oscar nomination, "The Happiest Millionaire" (67) and "A Nice Girl Like Me" (69).

Gladys Cooper was honoured to a "Dame" of the British Empire in 1967. 

Other movies with Gladys Cooper:
Danny Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman (14) Masks and Faces (17) The Bohemian Girl (22) Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman (40) That Hamilton Woman (41) The Gay Falcon (41) Eagle Squadron (42) Forever and a Day (43) Mr. Lucky (43) The Song of Bernadette (43) The White Cliffs of Dover (44) The Valley of Decision (45) Love Letters (45) Beware of Pity (46) The Cockeyed Miracle (46) Green Dolphin Street (47) Homecoming (48) The Secret Garden (49) BBC Sunday Night Theatre: Adventure Story (50) Thunder on the Hill (51) The Man Who Loved Redheads (55) Serie "The Alcoa Hour: Sister" (56) Serie "On trial: The Tichborne Claimant" (57) Serie "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The End of Indian Summer" (57) Serie "Suspicion: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" (58) Serie "Playhouse 90: Circle of the Day" (57) Serie "Playhouse 90: The Mystery of Thirteen" (57) Serie "Playhouse 90: Verdict of Three" (58) Serie "The Ann Sothern Show: The Countess of Bartley" (58) Serie "Adventures in Paradise: Paradise Lost" (59) Serie "Rendezvous: The Stray Cat" (60) Serie "Naked City: Memory of a Red Trolley Car" (62) Serie "The Dick Powell Show: In Search of a Son" (62) Serie "Fair Exchange: Dorothy's Trip to Europe" (62) Serie "Going My Way: Custody of the Child" (63) The List of Adrian Messenger (63) Serie "Burke's Law: Who Killed Sweet Betsy?" (63) Serie "The Outer Limits: The Borderland" (63) Serie "The Twilight Zone: Nothing in the Dark" (62) Serie "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: What Really Happened" (63) Serie "The Twilight Zone: Passage on the Lady Anne" (63) Serie "The Twilight Zone: Night Call" (64) Serie "The Rogues" (64-65) Serie "The Alfred Hichtcock Hour: Consider Her Ways" (64) Serie "Ben Casey: Because of the Needle, the Haystack Was Lost" (65) Serie "Callan: Goodness Burns Too Bright" (66) Serie "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.: The Romany Lie Affair" (66)  Serie "Adam Adamant Lilves!: Black Echo" (67) Serie "The Persuaders!: The Ozerov Inheritance" (72)