Priscilla Dean

Photo: Jack Freulich (1880-1936)

1896 - 1987

The actress Priscilla Dean was born into an acting family and made her first appearances already as a child together with her parents at the theater.

She made her film debut at the age of 14 and took part in a whole string of one-act plays for Biograph. In 1911 she went to Universal Pictures and became a popular leading actress in comedies at Eddie Lyons' and Lee Moran's side.

To her early movies belong "Mother" (14), "Bungling Bill, Burglar" (16), "Love, Dynamite and Baseballs" (16), "The Lion Hearted Chief" (16), "Almost Guilty" (16) and "Pass the Prunes" (16). With her her in the movie "The Gray Ghost" (17) she eventually became a star.

Priscilla Dean appeared in many demanding productions like "Beloved Jim" (17), "Kiss or Kill" (18) "The Wicked Darling" (19), "Forbidden" (19), "The Conflict" (21), "Reputation" (21), "White Tiger" (23), "Forbidden Waters" (26), "Birds of Prey" (27) and "The Honorable Mr. Buggs" (27).

Her career ended with the arise of the sound movie. She only got roles in second class movies for small independent studios. After only four talkies - "Law of the Sea" (31), "Trapped" (31), "Behind Stone Walls" (32) and "Klondike" (32) - she retired from the film business.

Other movies with Priscilla Dean:
A Blot on the 'Scutcheon (12) Igorrotes, Crocodiles and a Hat Box (16) Heaven Will Protect a Woiking Goil (16) More Truth Than Poetry (16) Bungling Bill's Peeping Ways (16) Search Me! (16) Knocking Out Knockout Kelly (16) All Bets Off (16) The White Turkey (16) It Sounded Like a Kiss (16) Treat 'Em Rough (17) Why, Uncle! (17) Hand That Rocks the Cradle (17) Even As You and I (17) The Two-Soul Woman (18) The Wildcat of Paris (18) She Hired a Husband (18) Which Woman? (18) The Brazen Beauty (18) Klever Kiddies (19) The Silk-Lined Burglar (19) The Exquisite Thief (19) Pretty Smooth (19) Paid in Advance (19) The Virgin of Stamboul (20) Outside the Law (20) Wild Honey (22) Under Two Flags (22) The Flame of Life (23) Drifting (23) The Storm Daughter (24) The Siren of Seville (24) A Cafe in Cairo (24) The Crimson Runner (25) The Danger Girl (26) The Speeding Venus (26) West of Broadway (26) Jewels of Desire (27) Slipping Wives (27) The Dice Woman (27)