William Demarest

1892 - 1983

The actor William Demarest was a professional boxer for a short time and came by the film business via the Vaudeville theater.

He made his film debut with "When the Wife's Away" (26), it followed "Finger Prints" (27), "The Jazz Singer" (27), The Black Diamond Express" (27), "A Reno Divorce" (27), "The Escape" (28) and "The Crash" (28).

William Demarest continued his career in the talkies without interruption and took part regularly in movies till to the 60's. To his well known movies of the 30's belong "Many Happy Returns" (34), "Fugitive Lady" (34), "Diamond Jim" (35), "White Lies" (35), "Charlie Chan at the Opera" (37), "Easy Living" (37), "Blonde Trouble" (37), "The Great Gambini" (37), "Rosalie" (37), "Josette" (38), "One Wild Night" (38) and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (39).

In the 40's he became a favourite actor of director Preston Sturges, but also other directors used the talent of Demarest and gave him suitable support roles. He acted in the 40's in "The Great McGinty" (40), "The Devil and Miss Jones" (41), "Dressed to Kill" (41), "The Lady Eve" (41), "Sullivan's Travels" (42), "The Palm Beach Story" (41), "Dangerous Blondes" (43), "Hail the Conquering Hero" (44), "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" (44), "Along Came Jones" (45), "The Jolson Story" (46), "The Perils of Pauline" (47) and "Sorrowful Jones" (49).

William Demarest began to work for TV in the 50's but he still had a lot of work for the big screen, so in "Riding High" (50), "The Strip" (51), "The Blazing Forest" (52), "Escape from Fort Bravo" (53), "The Private War of Major Benson" (55) and "Lucy Gallant" (55). 
His engagements for the television became bigger at the end of the 50's and he appeared successfully in "Love and Marriage" (59), "Tales of Wells Fargo" (61), "Bonanza: The Hayburner" (63) and "My Three Sons" (65-72).
To his last works for the cinema belong "Sun of Flubber" (63), "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" (63), "Viva Las Vegas" (64), "That Darn Cat!" (65) and "The Wild McCullochs" (75).

Other movies with William Demarest:
Don't Tell the Wife (27) The Gay Old Bird (27) Matinee Ladies (27) A Million Bid (27) Simple Sis (27) What Happened to Father? (27) The First Auto (27) The Bush Leaguer (27) A Sailor's Sweetheart (27) Amateur Night (27) Sharp Shooters (28) Pay as You Enter (28) Five and Ten Cent Annie (28) The Butter and Egg Man (28) Fog Over Frisco (34) Circus Clown (34) The Murder Man (35) Bright Lights (35) Hands Across the Table (35) Wedding Present (36) Love on the Run (36) Mind Your Own Business (36) Time Out of Romance (37) Don't Tell the Wife (37) Oh Doctor (37) Hit Parade of 1937 (37) The Great Hospital Mystery (37) Wake Up and Live (37) Big City (37) Romance on the Run (38) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (38) While New York Sleeps (38) The Great Man Votes (39) Cowboy Quarterback (39) Micacles for Sale (39) Laugh It Off (39) King of the Turf (39) The Gracie Allen Murder Case (39) Wolf of New York (40) The Golden Fleecing (40) Comin' Round the Mountain (40) Little Men (40) The Farmer's Daughter (40) Christmas in July (40) Rookies On Parade (41) Ride on Vaquero (41) Country Fair (41) Glamour Boy (41) All Through the Night (42) True to the Army (42) Pardon My Sarong (42) Behind the Eight Ball (42) Life Begins at Eight-Thirty (42) My Favorite Spy (42) Johnny Doughboy (42) True to Life (43) Nine Girls (44) Once Upon a Time (44) The Great Moment (44) Salty O'Rourke (45) Duffy's Tavern (45) Pardon My Past (46) Our Hearts Were Growing Up (46) Variety Girl (47) On Our Merry Way (48) Night Has a Thousand Eyes (48) Whispering Smith (48) The Sainted Sisters (48) Jolson Sings Again (49) Red, Hot and Blue (49) He's a Cockeyed Wonder (50) When Willie Comes Marching Home (50) Never a Dull Moment (50) Excuse My Dust (51) The First Legion (51) Behave Yourself! (51) What Price Glory (52) The Lady Wants Mink (53) Dangerous When Wet (53) Here Come the Girls (53) The Yellow Mountain (54) Jupiter's Darling (55) Sincerely Yours (55) Hell on Frisco Bay (55) The Far Horizons (55) The Rawhide Years (56) The Mountain (56) Serie "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: And the Desert Shall Blossom" (58) Pepe (60) King of the Roaring 2'0s - The Story of Arnold Rothstein (61) Twenty Plus Two (61) Gunfight in Black Horse Canyon (61) Serie "The Rebel: The Hope Chest" (60) Serie "Dr. Kildare: Why Won't Anybody Listen?" (64) Serie "The Twilight Zone. What's in the Box?" (64) Serie "The Farmer's Daughter: The One-Eyed Sloth" (64) Serie "Burke's Law: Who Killed Vaudeville?" (64) Serie "Ben Casey: You Fish Or You Cut Bait" (64) Serie "Bonanza: Old Sheba" (64) Serie "To Rome with Love: Rome Is Where You Find It" (70) Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (73) Serie "McMillan and Wife: The Deadly Inheritance" (75) Serie "Ellery Queen: The Adventure of Veronica's Veils" (75) Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (76) The Millionaire (78)