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Ian Fleming

1888 - 1969

Der Schauspieler Ian Fleming wurde als Ian MacFarlane in Melbourne geboren.

Seine Laufbahn als Schauspieler begann er 1904 beim Theater, wo er in den nächsten Jahren tätig war.

1927 folgte der Sprung zum Film und er agierte in den Stummfilmen "Second to None" (27) und "The Ware Case" (28).

Im Tonfilm der 30er Jahre etablierte er sich beim britischen Film und er konnte eine Vielzahl an Rollen spielen, darunter in "The Missing Rembrandt" (32) als Dr. Watson, "After Dark" (32), "The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes" (35) als Dr. Watson, "Prison Breaker" (36), "Crime Over London" (36), "Dial 999" (38), "The Return of Carol Deane" (38) und "The Lion Has Wings" (39).
Insgesamt verkörperte er in diesem Jahrzehnt viermal die Rolle des Dr. Watson an der Seite von Schauspieler Arthur Wontner, der Sherlock Holmes verkörperte.

In den 40er Jahren folgten zahlreiche weitere Kinoauftritte, dazu gehören "Night Train to Munich" (40), "Jeannie" (41), "This Was Paris" (42), "Sabotage at Sea" (42), "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" (43), "Waterloo Road" (45), "Quartet" (48), "Kid Flanagan" (48) und "A Matter of Murder" (49).

In den 50er Jahren nahm das Fernsehen eine immer bedeutendere Stellung in seiner Karriere ein, daneben agierte er aber auch weiterhin für das Kino.
Zu seinen Arbeiten dieser Jahre zählen "Shadow of the Past" (50), "Larger Than Life" (52), "Stryker of the Yard" (53), "Black Orchid" (53), "The Saint's Return" (53),  eine Episode der Serie "Robin Hood: The Secret" (53), "The Seekers" (54), eine Episode der Serie "The Count of Monte Cristo: The Devil's Emissary" (56), eine Episode der Serie "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Good Evening, Mr. Hyde" (56), "High Flight" (57), eine Episode der Serie "Heidi: Two Visitors" (59) und "Man Accused" (59).

Seine letzten filmischen Arbeiten kamen in den 60er Jahren zustande und Ian Fleming konnte bis kurz vor seinem Tod beruflich aktiv bleiben.
Seine letzten Filme umfassen "The Flesh and the Fiends" (60), "The Trials of Oscar Wilde" (60), eine Episode der Serie "Man from Interpol: A Killer with a Long Arm" (60), die Serie "The Citadel" (60-61), "What Every Woman Wants" (62), "Alexander Graham Bell" (65), "The Return of Mr. Moto" (65), eine Episode der Serie "The Prisoner: The General" (67) und eine Episode der Serie "The Caesars: Claudius" (68).

Weitere Filme mit Ian Fleming:
The Devil's Maze (29) School for Scandal (30) The Sleeping Cardinal (31) Lucky Girl (32) Called Back (33) The Third Clue (34) The Riverside Murder (35) School for Stars (35) The Crouching Beast (35) Sexton Blake and the Mademoiselle (35) Hearts of Humanity (36) Royal Eagle (36) The Reverse Be My Lot (37) Darby and Joan (37) Jump for Glory (37) Silver Blaze (37) Almost a Honeymoon (38) Racing Romance (38) Quiet Please (38) Double or Quits (38) If I Were Boss (38) The Claydon Treasure Mystery (38) Men Without Honour (39) Dead Men Are Dangerous (39) Me and My Pal (39) Q Planes (39) The Nursemaid Who Disappeared (39) Sons of the Sea (39) Shadowd Eyes (40) Dangerous Comment (40) The Good Old Days (40) Let George Do It! (40) Tilly of Bloomsbury (40) The Briggs Family (40) Three Silent Men (40) It Happened to One Man (40) Old Bill and Son (41) Ships with Wings (41) Hatter's Castle (42) The Next of Kin (42) They Flew Alone (42) Let the People Sing (42) Salute John Citizen (42) Lady from Lisbon (42) Talk About Jacqueline (42) The New Lot (43) We Dive at Dawn (43) They Met in the Dark (43) Escape to Danger (43) Yellow Canary (43) The Butler's Dilemma (43) Up with the Lark (43) He Snoops to Conquer (44) Bell-Bottom George (44) The Undred Pound Window (44) Tawny Pipit (44) I Didn't Do It (45) They Knew Mr. Knight (46) George in Civvy Street (46) Appointment with Crime (46) Captain Boycott (47) School fro Randle (49) What a Carry On! (49) For Them That Rrespass (49) The Woman in Question (50) Laughter in Paradise (51) Chelsea Story (51) Nocturne in Scotland (51) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Michael and Mary" (52) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Her Royal Highness" (52) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Holiday in Berlin" (52) Salute the Toff (52) Wings of Danger (52) Hammer the Toff (52) Circumstantial Evidence (52) The Voice of Merrill (52) Deadly Nightshade (53) Recoil (53) Park Plaza 605 (53) It's a Grand Life (53) Rookery Nook (53) Serie "The Grove Family: Midsummer Madness" (54) Companions in Crime (54) Eight O'Clock Walk (54) The Embezzler (54) Delayed Action (54) Police Dog (55) No Smoking (55) Serie "Fabian of the Yard: The King's Hat" (55) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Box Thirteen" (55) Serie "Lilli Palmer Theatre: The Game and the Onlooker" (55) Serie "The Grove Family: Pneumonia" (55) Serie "The Count of Monte Cristo: The Devil's Emissary" (56) Serie "The Scarlet Pimpernel: The Sword of Justice" (56) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: One" (56) Serie "Lilli Palmer Theatre: The Case of Dr. Crippen" (56) Serie "Lilli Palmer Theatre: The Ends of Justice" (56) Serie "Armchair Theatre: The Outsider" (56) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks. Jr., Presents: A Fast Buck" (56) Serie "The Errol Flynn Theatre: The Duel" (56) Serie "The Errol Flynn Theatre: Mademoiselle Fifi" (56) Serie "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan: Charlie's Highland Fling" (57) Serie Stryker of the Yard: The Case of Two Brothers" (57) Serie "Stryker of the Yard: The Case of Uncle Henry" (57) Serie Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents: Bulldog Drummond and The Ludlow Affair" (57) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: The Queen's Husband" (57) Serie "Educated Evans: The Return of Evans" (57) Serie "Hancock's Half Hour: The Adopted Family" (57) A Woman Possessed (58) Serie "Dixon of Dock Green: A Little Bit of French" (58) Serie Dixon of Dock Green: Tom Brown's Lady" (58) Asmodée (59) Serie "Heidi: Home Again" (59) Serie "The Vise" (58-59) The  Food of Love (59) Crash Drive (59) Innocent Meeting (59) Web of Suspicion (59) Virgin Island (59) Bluebeards Ten Honeymoons (60) Your Money or Your Wife (60) Too Hot to Handle (60) Make Mine Mink (60) Serie "Francis Storm Investigates: The Vengeance of Colonel Sartory" (60) Serie "No Hiding Place: Fair Lady" (60) Serie "Man from Interpol: The Last Words" (60) Serie "The Cheaters: The Fine Print" (60) Serie "The Cheaters: The Man Who Wouldn't Be Paid" (61) Return of a Stranger (61) No My Darling Daughter (61) The Lamp in Assassin Mews (62) The Boys (62) Serie "The Cheaters: The Hands of Adrian" (62) Serie "Dr. Finlay's Casebook: A Taste of Dust" (62) Serie "Ghost Squad: East of Mandalay" (63) Serie "Richard the Lionheart" (62-63) Serie "Espionage: The Light of a Friendly Star" (63) Serie "Dr. Finlay's Casebook: The Heat of the Moment" (63) Tamahine (63) Seventy Deadly Pills (64) Crooks in Cloisters (64) Serie "Dr. Finlay's Casebook: A Present from Father" (64) Serie "Silas Marner: Father and Daughter" (64) Serie "Gideon's Way: To Catch a Tiger" (64) Serie "The Wednesday Play: The Man Without Papers" (65) Serie "The Forsyte Saga: The White Monkey" (67) Serie The Forsyte Saga: No Retreat" (67) Serie "The Forsyte Saga: A Family Wedding" (67)  Serie "River Rivals" (67) Serie "No Hiding Place: Who Is This Mortimer?" (67) Serie "Myxtery and Imagination: The Devil's Piper" (68) Serie "Misleading Cases: The Major and the Mynah" (68) Serie "Misleading Cases: Who Gives This Woman" (68)