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Clara Horton

Foto: Fred Hartsook (1876-1930)

1904 - 1976

Die Schauspielerin Clara Horton war einer der populärsten Kinderstars ihrer Zeit und sie wirkte bereits in über 30 Filmen mit, als sie zehn Jahre alt war.

Begonnen hatte ihre Filmkarriere 1912 mit "Because of Bobbie" (12), dem Filme wie "Dolls" (12), "The Homecoming" (12), "The Return of Lady Linda" (13), "The Crimson Cros" (13), "The Key" (13), "Clara and Her Mysterious Toys" (13), "Big Hearted Jim" (13), "Just Kids" (14), "The Greatest of These" (14) und "A Friend in Need" (14) folgten.

In der zweiten Hälfte der 10er Jahre führte sie ihre Laufbahn erfolgreich fort und verkörperte weiterhin zahlreiche Rollen in Filmen wie "The Answer" (15), "Nadine of Nowhere" (16), "Us Kids" (16), "Tom Sawyer" (17), "Huck and Tom" (18), "The Yellow Dog" (18), "Almost a Husband" (19) und "The Girl from Outside" (19).

Auch als Teenager und junge Frau blieb sie beim Film begehrt. Sie agierte unter anderem in "Blind Youth" (20), "Prisoner of Love" (21), "Fighting Blood" (23), "Judy Punch" (23), "The Wheel" (25), "The Broadway Gallant" (26) und "The Fightin' Comeback" (27).

Danach wurde es ruhiger in der Laufbahn der Clara Horton. Im Tonfilm der 30er und 40er Jahre entstanden nur noch wenige Filme, darunter "Bengal Tiger" (36) und "Time to Kill" (42).

Weitere Filme mit Clara Horton:
The Passing Parade (12) Making Uncle Jealous (12) Darling of the Mounted (12) The Detective's Santa Claus (13) The Spectre Bridegroom (13) The Little Mother of Black Pine Trail (13) For His Child's Sake (13) For Better or for Worse (13) The Sons of a Soldier (13) A Wise Judge (13) The Faith Healer (13) The Trail of the Hanging Rock (13) The Banker's Daughter (13) A Puritan Episode (13) Why Aunt Jane Never Married (13) A Son's Devotion (13) Coming Home (14) At the Court of Prince Make Believe (14) In an Old Trunk (14) Grandfather's Romance (14) Willie and the Muse (14) Auntie's Money Bag (14) The Dupe (14) In the Days of Old (14) The Violinist (14) The Long Shift (15) A Soul's Tragedy (15) Shadows of the Harbor (15) The Little Band of Gold (15) The Vengeance of Guido (15) Under the Lion's Paw (16) A Jungle Hero (16) The Plow Woman (17) The Whirlwind Finish (18) The Winning Girl (19) In Wrong (19) Everywoman (19) The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (20) It's a Great Life (20) The Heart of a Woman (20) Nineteen and Phyllis (20) The Servant in the House (21) Action (21) The Light in the Clearing (21) Penrod (22) Mind Over Motor (23) Two Stones with One Bird (23) The End of a Perfect Fray (23) Wrongs Righted (24) Makers of Men (25) Oh, Bridget! (25) Speed Madness (25) All Around Frying Pan (25) Winning the Futurity (26) Beyond the Trail (26) The Fortune Hunter (27) Sailor Izzy Murphy (27) Girls on Probation (38) Who Is Hope Schuyler? (42) Just Off Broadway (42)