Matheson Lang

1879 - 1948

The actor Matheson Lang was born in Montreal, Canada. When he went to England he became a very popular actor on stages who got a huge reputation in plays by Shakespeare. He made his theater debut in 1897, later he toured with different companies through the USA and West India. Finally he founded his own company and toured in South Africa, Australia and Asia where he had great successes with Shakespeare plays.

In 1914 he realised together with his wife Hutin Britton several first nights, among them "The Taming of the Shrew" and "The Merchant of Venice".

First appearances in movies can be backdated to the year 1916 where he took part in "The Merchant of Venice" (16). It followed other movies like "The Ware Case" (17), "Masks and Faces" (17) and "Mr. Wu" (19). With "Mr. Wu" he first appeared successfully at the theater and created on of his most popular figures. He even gave the title "Mr. Wu Looks Back" to his biography, published in 1940.

His film activity increased in the 20's and he played "A Romance of Old Baghdad" (22), "Fire on Board" (23), "Slaves of Destiny" (24), "Port of Lost Souls" (24), "The Chinese Bungalow" (26) and "The Triumpf of the Scarlet Pimpernel" (28).

His last movies came in the 30's into being, among others the talkies "Carnival" (31), "Little Friend" (34) and "The Cardinal" (36).

Besides his activity as an actor he also wrote two plays which were filmed several times - "Carnival" (21) and "The Chinese Bungalow" (40).

Other movies with Matheson Lang:
The House Opposite (17) Everybody's Business (17) Victory and Peace (18) Carnival (21) Dick Turpin's Ride to York (22) The Wandering Jew (23) Guy Fawkes (23) White Slippers (24) Henry, King of Navarre (24) The Secret Kingdom (25) Beyond the Veil (25) The Qualified Adventurer (25) The Island of Despair (26) The King's Highway (27) The Blue Peter (28)The Chinese Bungalow (31) Channel Crossing (32) The Great Defender (34) Royal Cavalcade (35) Drake of England (35)