John Loder

1898 - 1988

The actor John Loder was born as John Lowe in London. He only appeared in first movies at the age of 28 and he began his career in Germany with movies like "Madame wŁnscht keine Kinder" (26), "Die weisse Spinne" (27) and "Alraune" (28).

At the end of the 20's he went to Hollywood where he appeared among others in Paramount's first talky called "The Doctor's Secret" (29). Other movies like "The Racketeer" (29), "Her Private Affair" (29), "Lilies of the Field" (30) and "Seas Beneath" (31) followed.

Finally he went back to England where he continued his successful career with "Wedding Rehearsal" (33), "The Private Life of Henry VIII" (33), "The Silent Passenger" (35), "It Happened in Paris (35), "Sabotage" (36), "King Solomon's Mines" (37) and "The Silent Battle" (39).

When World War II threatened England, John Loder returned to the USA. Not least his experiences during World War I, when he was taken prisoner, caused him to make this step.

Back in the USA he became a support actor in many well-known productions as well as a leading actor inB movies. He acted in movies like "Tin Pan Alley" (40), "How Green Was My Valley" (41), "Scotland Yard" (41), "Gentleman Jim" (42), "Murder on the Waterfront" (43), "Jealousy" (45), "The Wife of Monte Cristo" (46) and "Dishonored Lady" (47).
John Loder became an U.S. citizen in 1947. 

In the 50's came his last cinematical works into being, among them "The Story of Esther Costello" (57) and "Gideon's Day" (58).

John Loder was married five thems, so with the actresses Micheline Cheirel and Hedy Lamarr.
He published his autobiography with the title "Hollywood Hussar".

Other movies with John Loder: 
Der grosse Unbekannte (27) Die SŁnderin (27) Adam und Eva (28) Casanovas Erbe (28) Wenn die Mutter und die Tochter... (28) Freiwild (28) The First Born (28) The Case of Lena Smith (29) Sunset Pass (29) Black Waters (29) The Unholy Night (29) Love, Live and Laugh (29) Rich People (29) The Man Hunter (30) The Second Floor Mystery (30) Sweethearts and Wives (30) One Night at Susie's (30) On the Loose (31) Money Means Nothing (31) Paris Plane (33) You Made Me Love You (33) Money for Speed (33) The Battle (34) Warn London (34) Sing As We Go (34) Rolling in Money (34) Love, Life and Laughter (34) Java Head (34) Lorna Doone (35) 18 Minutes (35) The Man Who Changed His Mind (36) Whom the Gods Love (36) Queen of Hearts (36) Guilty Melody (36) Ourselves Alone (36) Doctor Syn (37) Non-Stop New York (37) Katia (38) Under Secret Orders (37) Owd Bob (38) Paix sur le Rhin (38) Anything to Declare? (38) Murder Will Out (39) Menaces (40) Adventure in Diamonds (40) Diamond Frontier (40) One Night in Lisbon (41) Confirm or Deny (41) Meet Maxwell Archer (42) Eagle Squadron (42) Now, Voyager (42) The Gorilla Man (42) The Mysterious Doctor (43) Adventure in Iraq (43) Old Acquaintance (43) Passage to Marseille (44) The Hairy Ape (44) Abroad with Two Yanks (44) The Woman Who Came Back (45) A Game of Death (45) The Fighting Guardsman (45) The Brighton Strangler (45) One More Tomorrow (46) The Secret Man (58) The Woman and the Hunter (57) Small Hotel (57)