Greta Nissen

1906 - 1988

The actress Greta Nissen was born as Grethe Rutz-Nissen in Oslo, Norway.

She studied dance and wanted to enter an appropriate career. After some successful attemps as a dancer she appeared in the movie "The Wanderer" (25) for the first time.

In the following years she continued as an actress and played in well-known productions like "In the Name of Love" (25), "The King on Main Street" (25), "The Lucky Lady" (26), "The Love Thief" (26), "The Popular Sin" (26), "Blind Alleys" (27) and "Fazil" (28).

With the sound film it seemed that her career was in the end. With her Norwegian slang she wasn't qualified for the American movies any longer. She had to put up with a harsh setback for the casting of "Hell's Angels" (30). The movie was originally conceived as a silent movie and Greta Nissen was engaged for the leading role. With the sound they took the part away from her and the part was transmitted to Jean Harlow who became a world star with this movie.

In spite of this difficult conditions Greta Nissen could take part in further movies in the following years, but her parts became smaller. Among others she acted in "Women of All Nations" (31), "Transatlantic" (31), "Silent Witness" (32), "Best of Enemies" (33), "The Circus Queen Murder" (33), "The Luck of a Sailor" (34), "On Secret Service" (36) and "Cafe Colette" (37).

Because she failed the big breakthrough she retired from the film business in 1937.

Other movies with Greta Nissen:
Lost: A Wife (25) The Lady of the Harem (26) Blonde or Brunette (27) The Butter and Egg Man (28) Ambassador Bill (31) Good Sport (31) The Unwritten Law (32) Rackety Rax (32) Life Life in the Raw (33) Melody Cruise (33) Red Wagon (34) Hired Wife (34) Honours Easy (35)