Edna Payne

Picture Edna Payne

1891 - 1953

The actress Edna Payne conquered the big screen in the early 10's of the American silent film and became soon a much demanded actress.

Her parents were both stage actors and so she came early into contact with the performing arts. She made first experiences at the Vaudeville theater before the film determinde her career decisively.
Although her film career was confined to the 10's she took part in countless productions.

To her first movies belong "The Story of Rosie's Rose" (11), "A Romance of the Border" (12), "Gentleman Joe" (12), "Kitty and the Bandits" (12), "The Mexican Spy" (13), "The Blunderer's Mark" (14), "The Aztec Treasure" (14), "The Jewel of Allah" (14), "The Long Shift" (15), "The Fool's Heart" (15) and "The Sacrifice of Jonathan Gray" (15).

Her film appearances diminished enormous after 1915, it followed only few engagements in "Dawn Road" (16), "The Fatal Introduction" (16) and finally "John Osborne's Triumph" (17), her last film.

Edna Payne was married with the actor Jack Rollens.

Other movies with Edna Payne:
Higgenses Versus Judsons (11) A Mexican Courtship (12) The Halfbreed's Treachery (12) The Moonshiner's Daughter (12) A Girl's Bravery (12) The Water Rats (12) The Silent Signal (12) Juan and Juanita (12) The Bravery of Dora (12) Private Smith (13) The Higher Duty (13) Down on the Rio Grande (13) The Price of Jealousy (13) The Engraver (13) The Heart of Carita (14) Into the Foothills (14) The Caballero's Way (14) Whom God Hath Joined (14) The Stirrup Brother; or, The Highter Abdication (14) Dead Men's Tales (14) The Renunciation (14) The Price Paid (14) Bransford in Arcadia; or, The Little Eohippus (14) The Jackpot Club (14) The Return (14) Fate's Finger (14) The Line Rider (14) The Squatter (14) At the Crucial Moment (14) The Mystery of Grayson Hall (14) The Ghost of the Mine (14) The Girl Stage Driver (14) Within an Inch of His Life (14) The Lone Game (15) The Thief and the Chief (15) Lure of the West (15) The Oath of Smoky Joe (15) Saved by Telephone (15) Shadows of the Harbor (15) Avaraice (15) The Little Band of Gold (15) Man and the Outlaw (15) Brand Blotters (15) The Sheriff of Red Rock Gulch (15) The $50'000 Jewel Theft (15) The Flag of Fortune (15) Colonel Steele, Master Gambler (15) The Trap That Failed (15) Babbling Tongues (15)